Hexcel unveils low temperature fast cure adhesive film

Apr ’20

Pic: Hexcel

Hexcel has introduced new low temperature fast cure HexBond 679 adhesive film. The film improves bonding performance in sandwich structures and leads to cycle time reductions with its short-cure cycles at low temperatures. It has been formulated specifically to meet the low temperature curing requirements of marine and other industrial manufacturers.

HexBond 679 is a 250gsm supported epoxy adhesive film that is fully compatible with the HexPly M79 prepreg range. Curing in four hours at 80 degrees Celsius or eight hours at 70 degree Celsius, HexBond 679 films provide extremely high lap shear and peel strength performance, as well as providing a superior shelf-life of up to six weeks at 23 degrees Celsius.

HexPly M79 prepregs and HexBond 679 adhesive films allow boatbuilders to increase build rates with reduced heating and cooling times. When combined with Hexcel’s innovative air venting Grid Technology HexPly

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