15 Best black jeans under $80 for women who love an effortless style

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Denim jeans are a timeless piece of bottoms that remain a wardrobe staple irrespective of the changing trends or seasons. If you are a denim lover, then I am sure you have got your blue jeans category covered and you may also have a beloved pair of white jeans that you wear constantly. But your black jeans selection might be a different story. Luckily, the search for new black jeans isn’t difficult. Whether you gravitate toward black jeans that are skinny, high-waisted, cropped or a combination of styles, a good pair of black jeans go with everything and will be a mainstay in your wardrobe for years to come. 

Our Top 7 picks: 

1. Skinny Black Jeans – Buy Now 

2. Boyfriend Black Jeans – Buy Now 

3. Straight Fit Black Jeans – Buy Now 

4. Bootcut Black Jeans – Buy Now 

5. Flare Black Jeans – Buy Now 

6. Black Jeggings – Buy Now 

7. Black Low Rise Jeans – Buy Now 

In this article: 

1. History of black jeans 

2. 7 Reasons to choose black jeans over blue 


History of black jeans: 

The rumour dates back to 1957 and involves “the King” himself. Elvis Presley supposedly debuted the first pair of black jeans while promoting his movie, Jailhouse Rock. The popular story links celebrity, music and fashion, but leaves style sleuths with a historical error. In truth, the first pair of black jeans came onto the scene 50-plus years before Presley’s film. 

It’s been a wardrobe staple for artists and musicians since the 50s. And even though blue jeans have been the topic of many songs, black denim has given artists their savvy and cool. The Clash is considered by many as one of the best-dressed bands in pop music history.

7 Reasons to choose black jeans over blue: 

1. Complements all skin complexions 

Whether you have a fair, medium or dark skin tone, jet-black jeans will complement your natural complexion. If your jeans clash with your skin complexion, they’ll bring down the aesthetics of your outfit and overall appearance. The jeans may feel comfortable to wear, but if they clash with your skin complexion, they won’t improve or otherwise benefit your appearance. This isn’t a problem with jet-black jeans, however, because of their ability to complement all skin complexions.

2. Supports multiple layers 

You can easily wear jet-black jeans in a layered outfit. Layered outfits, of course, are popular because of their versatility. With a layered outfit, you won’t have to worry about the hot or cold weather causing you discomfort. If it’s too hot, you can simply take off an outer layer. If it’s too cold, on the other hand, you can put on another layer. Jet-black jeans are an excellent choice because of their ability to flow cohesively with most other garments. You can wear jet-black jeans with white, red, blue and other colours. Their deep and dark black colour will complement these alternative-colored layers to create a stunning outfit.

3. Protection from fading

Jeans receive their colour from the presence of dye — and jet-black jeans are no exception. During production, they are bathed in a solution of water and black dye. As the denim material absorbs the dye, it develops a deep black colour. With that said, some jet-black jeans are produced using an excessive amount of dye to protect against fading. Black jeans contain more black dye than that of traditional jet-black jeans. This offers both a deeper black colour as well as better protection against fading.

4. Hides stains 

Jet-black jeans can develop stains like all other garments.  With their jet-black colour, though, they are able to hide stains to the point where they are unnoticeable. Spilling a soda, for instance, may cause the caramel-colored beverage to soak into your clothes. Jet-black jeans can absorb soda, as well as other colored substances, but they don’t show stains as easily as other-colored garments. Their dark tone will naturally hide stains so that they don’t harm the appearance of your outfit or personal style. 

5. Keeps you warm 

Wearing a pair of jet-black jeans will keep you warm. All jeans are warm. After all, they are made of denim, which is a type of thick and durable cotton. You might be surprised to learn, however, that jet-black jeans are even warmer than blue, white and other-coloured jeans. Jet-black jeans are exceptionally warm because they are designed with a deep black colour. The darker a garment, the more heat it will absorb. A pair of jet-black jeans will draw more heat to your body, thereby keeping you warm.

6. Formal wear 

Black has become synonymous with formal wear. Black is regarded as one of the most common and popular colours for formal wear. Keep in mind that black jeans aren’t a substitution for suit trousers. Nonetheless, you can increase the formality of your outfit by wearing jet-black jeans. When worn, they’ll make your outfit look a little more formal, allowing you to wear jet-black jeans for more events and occasions.

7. Always in style 

Fashion trends regularly come and go like the seasons. A trend that’s popular today may be considered outdated in just a few months. It’s safe to say, however, that black jeans will always be in style. Whether you’re planning to wear them today or 10 years from now, they’ll almost certainly be popular. Black jeans have been around for several decades. During this time, they’ve only gained momentum in the ever-evolving world of fashion. 

15 Best black jeans for women to keep you looking effortlessly stylish: 

Scroll down and take a look at all the types of black jeans that a stylish, modern woman must have in her wardrobe. 

1. Skinny Jeans 

JEANIR Women’s Skinny Jeans

One thing we all swear by is our one favourite pair of black skinny jeans that practically goes with everything we own. Skinny jeans are skin hugging as the name suggests and just snuggle you. For showing off the perfect shape of your legs, these are the best option in the market. They are usually very stretchy and come in different cuts for you to choose as per your choice. For anyone comfortable in their own skin and want to flaunt their legs, go for them! 



Price: $29.99

Buy Now

2. Boyfriend Jeans 

Genleck Women Boyfriend Jeans 

The whole idea behind these jeans is to make them look baggy and loose on you as if you are wearing your boyfriend’s jeans. It is tighter around your hips and loosens down on your legs. These are great for you if you have thicker thighs. Avoid them if you are on the shorter side of the size scale because they will make you look even shorter. These high waist ripped jeans have five functional pockets, a slim high waist, easy open zipper fly, distressed holes worn knees, fray hem design add a little fun to wide leg jeans. 



Price: $39.99

Buy Now

3. Straight/Cigarette Jeans 

Rag & Bones Cigarette Jeans

Cigarette jeans are the new alternatives for your work pants. These are straight and narrow and very well flattering. What makes them different from your regular skinny jeans is the fact that they do not cover your ankles and fall just above them. These jeans are the perfect fit for women who want to flaunt her curves. 



Price: $71.99

Buy Now

4. Bootcut Jeans 

KDF Bootcut Jeans 

The 60s and 70s style of jeans recently made a comeback in 2017. These jeans suit well for all body types which is always a plus. The biggest plus point is that the wearer’s height looks taller than it actually is. These jeans are wider at the bottom giving it a disfigured look and should be paired with high heels for a more distinguished look. We are obsessing over these black bell-bottom jeans for your new season wardrobe. Featuring a classic black and stretch denim material with a flared design and skinny tights. Flare jeans are designed with a high waistline to show your perfect curve and let you enjoy it. The vintage washes and flared legs make a great pair for your favourite sweaters and tees. The shape of these flare jeans is designed with you in mind, with a few figure and curve enhancing tweaks to give you the perfect fit.



Price: $19.98

Buy Now

5. Flare Jeans 

HDLTE Women Flared Jeans 

Another old age style which should be carried for a vintage look to your wardrobe. These types of jeans for girls are similar to the bootcut ones. These also have a wide opening at the bottom from knees to ankle. The jeans are well tight fitted above the knees so that the flare is well visible. Pair them with a turtleneck sweater for the on point vintage look. This denim fabric has no stretch, is soft, comfy, and durable. The jeans are high waist, with a wide straight leg, basic 5 pockets with a zipper closure. 



Price: $39.99

Buy Now

6. Jeggings 

Lildy Women’s Denim Jeggings 

Jeggings have to be the most comfortable piece of clothing out there for your bottoms. Thes leggings in denim are comfortable, stretch and a perfect fit for the fashionista in you. They follow the same leggings rule and are with a waistband instead of your regular buttons and zips. This easy to wear jeans for girls is the best jean twist added to your regular jeans ever. 



Price: $19.99

Buy Now

7. Low Rise Jeans 

Cover Girl Women’s Low Rise Jeans 

Low rise or well known as low-waist jeans had hit the fashion street with a storm. Before you could comprehend they were everywhere. These start just a few inches below your belly button and look great especially on those with a well-defined waist. The low rise could be better called a sub choice in any of the other choices of jeans you choose. These perfectly tailored cool jeans will flatter your hips and will not expose your butt crack. These cute skinny jeans are made using eco-friendly stonewash for the comfy stylish jeans look you have been searching for.



Price: $19.31

Buy Now

8. High-Waist Jeans 

Levi’s Women’s High Rise Jeans 

The fashion trend of 2018 is definitely these jeans for women. With crop tops and bralettes so much in fashion, for bottom apparels, everyone’s first choice is a high waisted. These look better as they fit your natural waistline and cover your belly fat which is always a plus! 



Price: $29.99

Buy Now

9. Capri Jeans 

2LUV Women’s Capri Jeans 

Capri pants are not only for kids. You just need to learn how to style these properly. These are the most modern and style denim way to beat the heat in summers. Flaunt your pretty legs and go carefree with the perfect styling. These comfortable capri Jeans feature classic 5 pockets, buttons and a zip up closure. These jeans have a perfect under knee length. They are a must have to keep your chic style. This stretch fabric is soft and fits perfectly. They are perfect for hanging out with friends or a casual day at work. Complete your look with a cute tunic, long necklace, and high heels.



Price: $20.90

Buy Now

10. Ripped Jeans 

SweatyRocks Women Ripped Distressed Jeans 

Ripped or distressed denims are so in trend that now we cut out jeans using blades and sandpaper for the cool quotient. Ripped jeans have become super famous and have become everyone’s favourite. Near thighs, at the back, in front, one leg, or whole leg no matter what’s the placement, rips are in! These jeans are just perfect for a cool, chic street style look. They are also super versatile and look great with crop tops, blouses, shirts as well as tunics. 



Price: $19.99

Buy Now

11. Patch Work Jeans 

ICNGLKSND Women’s Patchwork Jeans 

It may sound odd but patchwork is the new way of making your jeans high-fashioned. You could just buy these jeans or DIY them by pinning the patches temporarily or stitching or glueing them to your denim. You’ll fall in love with the end result for sure. These high waisted flare pants are made with a cotton blend, are super breathable and not see-through. They are cut from substantial fabric for a comfortable fit. 



Price: $23.99

Buy Now

12. Shiny Jeans 

Rock & Republic Shiny Jeans

For the perfect party night, opt for this new trend of shiny jeans for girls. These shiny jeans break the stereotypes of your normal jeans of being dark and faded only. The fabric used radiates so much shine that you are ready to take on the night with just one piece of apparel. You could tone down the outfit with your favourite basic tops. Sleek and comfortable, these women’s skinny jeans hug your curves for a tailored, flattering look. There’s no sacrificing comfort for fashion with these jeans. The flex fabric lets you breeze through your day and party through the night.



Price: $26.41

Buy Now

13. Side-Slit Jeans 

Sidefeel Side-Slit Jeans

As odd as they may have sounded, this new 2018 trend has taken our Instagrams by a storm. They look so high fashion and casual at the same time. We are in love with this new jeans for girls trend. We are obsessing over the 90’s vibes of these side-slit black jeans. These wash denim jeans come with a wide leg that feature outer ankle slits. It features c​​lassic 5 pockets, front fly zipper, button closure and relaxed fitting. They are perfect for modern fashion with a basic blouse, shirt, crop top, jacket, pullover sweater, sweatshirt, outwear coat and heels. You can wear these flare jeans to work for that business casual day at work and have a seamless transition to happy hour with your friends at night. 



Price: $33.99

Buy Now

14. Overall Jeans 

Aedvoouer Overall Jeans

Overalls or suspenders are not anymore what you wear as a kid. This 90s fashion has made its way into women’s denim wardrobe and adds spice to it. These jeans for girls can be paired with any contrasting top, crop top or bralette. The options are countless. Wear them for a comfortable and easier clothing choice. These overalls are designed with adjustable shoulder straps, retro hook and eye closure. It features a cute chest pocket, two large deep side pockets, two back pockets and multiple functional pockets for your needs. It has a loose fit with wide legs. These denim overalls for women are very stretchy, plus size overalls for women based on premium stretchy material, which are breathable, elastic, soft and comfy.



Price: $28.99

Buy Now

15. Jogger Jeans 

Vetinee Womens Jogger Jeans 

Last but definitely not the least had to be the place for the most comfortable one. Jogger Jeans? Yes, that’s a thing now. These types of jeans have to be the best jeans for girls trend to come in fashion. Jeans makers couldn’t be more correct than this. These high waist jogger jeans come with an elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring design. These casual stretchy jeans for women, have two side functional pockets which can hold some small things, such as keys, cellphones, etc.



Price: $30.99

Buy Now

Black jeans are a wardrobe essential that every stylish, modern and busy woman needs to have. They are extremely versatile and effortless, and will make your outfit look chic with minimal effort. Mentioned above, is the list of every type of black jeans that a woman must invest in. When in doubt – put on your favourite black jeans!   


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