2012 Election for Presidency – Obama-Dem Vs Romney-GOP – And Kennedy, for Whom Would He Be? (Poem)

This “twenty-twelve” election for the Presidency – ‘twixt Obama-Dems and Romney-GOP – presents the classic controversy – extremes of governance in a democracy:

its optimum size and functionality – and which is best for the citizenry,

enriching lives personally – and sparking, much-needed, a fiscal recovery.

Democrats, generally, favor oligarchy – planning and decisions by top authority,

life mostly ruled by bureaucracy – health, welfare, cradle-to-grave dependency;

munificent, Governmental salary – full benefits given, to even the early retiree;

that life, from onerous struggle, should be free – rather, only ease and pleasantry;

“spreading the wealth” of a deemed “rich” category – “entitlement” accepted as policy;

federal funding OK, to research technology – (especially when of liberal ideology).

That’s the picture painted for voters to see – that if re-elected, how good life would be.

But the nature of humans, dangerous can be – lusting for power, and ever-more authority – can end disastrously – in a “take-over” tyranny – as happened often during this past century – by rulers first elected, notably Germany – with loss of freedom, subsequently – for the entire country’s citizenry.

The GOP, to the contrary – would limit the government, in size, authority;

and with millions of people, restlessly free – seeking their personal “pot-of-gold” destiny,

unleashed would be – a surging flood of ingenuity – in mutual, symbiotic creativity;

our country’s variety – stimulating technology – would raise life’s quality – for all humanity. Entrepreneurial ventures in industry – would seek funding sources, privately,

from those risking savings, and “voluntary slavery” – meriting success, hopefully.

The government’s function primarily would be – to protect and assure national security –

against an external enemy – plus standards and rules, for public-welfare surety –

across the full spectrum of society – medicine, travel, industry. Also, a safety-net guaranty – against personal and national calamity – with government still, a minimum-size entity.

Inspiring the nation so eloquently – was John F. Kennedy – high in the aristocracy – of Democrat party history. His words still ring out, enduringly: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, and, “Do some things because they’re difficult, not because they’re easy”, and, “We’ll walk on the moon -“, US dominating space for a half century – (until unseated by an Obama “energy” priority). Uplifting, the JFK goals, exemplar in nobility.

Thus, if in this election, Kennedy – could cast a vote for the presidency – for whom would it be: Obama or Romney? And would he be concerned at the Dem party changed philosophy – such as religion and speech, once so unchallenged and free – now are outweighed by-liberal’s PC. And the word “God”, so foremost formerly – in the genesis of our country’s history – no longer is voiced by a school honoree – and “The Ten Commandments”, once displayed prominently – on Court-House walls, no more inspire, with brevity and cogent verity. For Democrats have “morphed” in morality …