2012 Election for Presidency – Obama-Dem Vs Romney-GOP – And Kennedy, for Whom Would He Be? (Poem)

This “twenty-twelve” election for the Presidency – ‘twixt Obama-Dems and Romney-GOP – presents the classic controversy – extremes of governance in a democracy:

its optimum size and functionality – and which is best for the citizenry,

enriching lives personally – and sparking, much-needed, a fiscal recovery.

Democrats, generally, favor oligarchy – planning and decisions by top authority,

life mostly ruled by bureaucracy – health, welfare, cradle-to-grave dependency;

munificent, Governmental salary – full benefits given, to even the early retiree;

that life, from onerous struggle, should be free – rather, only ease and pleasantry;

“spreading the wealth” of a deemed “rich” category – “entitlement” accepted as policy;

federal funding OK, to research technology – (especially when of liberal ideology).

That’s the picture painted for voters to see – that if re-elected, how good life would be.

But the nature of humans, dangerous can be – lusting for power, and ever-more authority … Read More