What You Need to Know About Pewter: the “Other” Fine Jewellery Metal

According to most people, the most common metal types to produce jewellery includes silver and gold. Some people even may add platinum into this list. It is very likely that not many people would be thinking of pewter for Silver and Pewter Gifts. Despite the fact that many jewellery owners and makers favour pewter jewellery for a number of good reasons, most people might not recognise this valuable allow when seeing it. Across the globe, pewter is in actual fact the fourth-most-common metal that is used in jewellery making.

In some cases, jewellers will polish pewter so that it mimics platinum, silver, or any other type of white metal. Other methods may include darkening or making the surface look like an antique to achieve a look that is more bronzed. In many cases, pewter is used as the base, and then a silver or gold plating is added to … Read More