Moncler, Rick Owens Collaboration Not What You Would Expect

BUS Cease: Following the rumor mill had paired the title of Rick Owens and Moncler for months – speculation waved away by the manner team –  the designer and the manner team verified a collaboration on Tuesday. This time, nonetheless, it is not in the exact same vein as the other Moncler Genius partnerships.

Owens admitted Moncler had approached him for a collaboration, and that he “took advantage of the minute to ask them to do a thing different.”

The undertaking involved customizing a tour bus for Owens and his spouse Michèle Lamy for a highway journey from Los Angeles Airport to American artist and sculptor Michael Heizer’s ranch in Nevada.

“Heizer had invited us to see his monumental land artwork piece Town, forty eight several years in the making…and I hadn’t been to the West Coast given that I moved to Europe 18

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