CRP Technology unveils new flame-retardant material

CRP Technological innovation has unveiled a new flame retardant from the Top rated-Line loved ones of composite resources for SLS – Windform FR2 – significantly less than six months soon after the start of Windform FR1, the initially carbon fibre-reinforced flame-retardant material for skilled 3D printing. Windform FR2 is halogen no cost polyamide primarily based material. It is not electrically conductive.

Owing to its flame-retardant top quality and insulating houses, Windform FR2 is appropriate for aircrafts and aerospace purposes, automotive areas (casings of electrical and electronic components, housing and enclosure assemblies), buyer items (lighting, appliances) and in typical for any areas demanding flame retardancy.

Windform FR2 is a flame retardant polyamide-primarily based glass fibre reinforced material. It diverges from Windform FR1 on some houses, including reinforcement material (Windform FR2 is glass fibre reinforced), colour (Windform FR2 is off-white, Windform FR1 is dark grey), electrical conduct (Windform FR2 is electrically insulating),

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