Darren Criss on his marriage and new role in ‘American Buffalo’

When Darren Criss settles into our Alexa job interview at a stylish cafe in West LA, he’s pleasant and direct.

“I am an outspoken particular person in actual daily life, but in the media, I discover I’m pretty reserved,” he observes. “I’m asked inquiries about myself that I have not definitely experienced to imagine about. That is a definitely bizarre occupational hazard. It would be like if you asked your dental hygienist, ‘Do you imagine your vocation option stems from your desire in cleanliness as a kid?’”

Reading in between the strains: The actor-producer-songwriter du jour resists the audio chunk.

Criss, 33, could be the consummate showman, but in particular person — aside from a trace of chipped black nail polish and a pair of gold-rimmed aviators that nod to his love of costume — he appears a lot more cerebral theater nerd (a flag he flies proudly) than flamboyant

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