How we can avoid an Omega Man scenario

The Omega Male.” /

It was released in 1971 – so extended ago that it is well and truly neglected by most. But if film critic Monthly bill Collins was however with us, he could explain to you all about it. It was seminal in its time.

The film starred Charlton Heston as Dr Neville and was directed by Boris Sagal.

Dr Neville was the sole survivor of a worldwide pandemic to which people experienced no immunity.

It was his position to create an antidote for the zombie-like creatures still left alive. Science fiction, of course.

It was characterised by empty contemporary town streets. It was eerie.

On the lookout down Currie St mid-early morning in Adelaide last week, it was very abandoned.

We get financial exercise, and the exchange of currency that retains our modern society heading, for granted.

I considered of all the cafe owners and stroll-by … Read More