'It feels a lot like being on holiday and… stops me thinking of my home as a prison'

Just one of my earliest recollections is climbing into mattress, imagining it as a boat surrounded by water. Pulling the addresses up to my chin, my mind’s eye supplied the rippling waves and I understood that as lengthy as I stored my feet less than the blankets I would be safe, cosy and dry. Snooze speedily followed. Iggle Piggle, take in your heart out, I considered of it 1st.

Later on I grew to become a father and, for several superb a long time, owned a caravan. I nevertheless felt, as I closed its doorway and retired to mattress, the familiar comfort of shutting out the hazards of the outside environment and retreating to my secure and cosy ‘cave’, with the additional enjoyment of recognizing that it would abide by me anywhere I made a decision to go tomorrow and nevertheless be there at bedtime when I required it.


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