Time for Kohl's to meet its responsibilities: KOFOTI

Korean textile and apparel business has strongly urged US division retailer retail chain Kohl’s to rethink its new conclusion to cancel orders and not make use of “force majeure clauses” in the contracts with its offer chain vendor associates. It has requested Kohl’s to solve the matter arising out of cancellation of orders amicably with its offer chains.

Recognising the devastating impact COVID-19 pandemic is acquiring on the world-wide textile business, Kihak Sung, chairman of the Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI), claimed: “It absolutely has been extremely complicated occasions for all stakeholders involved in this unprecedented crisis.”

“We have not too long ago grew to become knowledgeable of Kohl’s unilateral conclusion to cancel orders previously developed and in-manufacturing with out prior consultation, which has triggered an unprecedented disruption to the offer chain and put at chance the livelihoods of practically two hundred,000 personnel at factories through the establishing nations

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