Asia's garment workers say virus used as cover to smash unions

Bangkok : From factory floors in India to the warehouses of Cambodia, garment personnel for world wide models say the collapse in need induced by the coronavirus is becoming made use of as a protect to split their unions.

The crippling result of the pandemic has witnessed orders really worth billions of bucks cancelled throughout manufacturing hubs in China, Bangladesh, India, Cambodia and Myanmar.

That has left hundreds of thousands out of get the job done in some of Asia’s poorest nations around the world.

But personnel allege the monetary turmoil has also provided an option for bosses to goal troublesome store floors wherever unions have pressed for higher wages and greater problems.

In southern India’s Karnataka state — dwelling to 20 p.c of India’s huge garment manufacturing sector — union chief Padma has sat each working day cross-legged outside her factory Euro Apparel Firm II to protest its closure

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