How COVID-19 Threw Dog’s Day Out a Bone

Ralph Bernstein had spent the greater part of his career in corporate banking. He worked in downtown Minneapolis, walked by way of the skyways with other experts, and dressed the aspect with suits and a bluetooth earpiece.

But, also at age 49, Bernstein unexpectedly became a widow immediately after the dying of his wife, Stephanie. She was an in any other case healthy particular person, but experienced a stroke and passed away five weeks later, leaving him, their two grown children, and their pug Frankie. The event also left him doubting his career.

“It’s type of a person of those people occasions that quite often can make you cease and, you know, acquire a look at your life,” he claims. “After a pair of years of continuing in the corporate planet, I arrived to the conclusion that I actually didn’t like it, and that I in no way appreciated it.”

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