BBQ Study Buddies: Justin Sutherland and Thomas Boemer

Topic: Is the smoke ring (a slim band of pink close to the edge of smoked meats) the most important accomplishment?

Thomas BoemerNo, it undoubtedly isn’t the smoke ring. Because a single can be faked. In competitiveness barbecue, a smoke ring is no lengthier a gradient of the top quality of barbecue. 

Justin SutherlandFolks set dyes in their rub, and it leaches down into the meat. It can be a sham.

TB: But you can study a whole lot by a true smoke ring you can study to comprehend what temperature your smoke was at, what temperature your meat was at. 

JS: If the meat is chilly or the area is chilly, those will each have a unique influence on your cigarette smoking, switching the intensity.

Topic: Is bark (the outer crust on smoked meats) the bigger accomplishment?

JS: Bark is way far more important, and

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