Askov Finlayson Launches 2020 North Hats with Makwa Studio

The supporter-beloved beanies are again: Today marks the launch of the 2020 north hats. For this year’s iteration, community outerwear model Askov Finlayson teamed up with Native artist and community textile designer Maggie Thompson of Makwa Studio to set a new spin on the winter season staple.

“I’ve extensive admired Maggie’s do the job and it is an honor to collaborate with her,” suggests Askov Finlayson co-founder and CEO Eric Dayton. “She is a gifted artist and a knitwear innovator, generating her the best companion for our North Hats. This task also celebrates the rich history of this area we connect with household. It is vital to realize that the Dakota, Ojibwe, and other Indigenous nations cared for the North extensive ahead of Askov Finlayson started telling its story.”

Thompson, who specializes in weaving and knitting motivated by her Ojibwe heritage and spouse and children history, incorporates themes of Native

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