6 Reasons Why Most Black Women Prefer Short Wigs

we’ve seen black women block wigs with awesome locks and beautifully braided wigs. Whether it’s boxing, Ghana, or micro breeding during styling. They are just amazing and beautiful! However, like most trendy things, wig styling goes through different stages. Short wigs are now preferred by most black women. Yes, neck length or bob cut wigs are today’s wig trends. But why? Here are 6 reasons:

Short wigs are faster in style

Basically, it is difficult to style a long and thick wig. You choose the hair on this side and therefore the other will fall out. Imagine the tension of thinking of a single style to travel with a long wig. With a little wig, you’ll rock the design with or without styling. You will use a bandage or headband and you will be off. Otherwise, you can just add a beautiful ribbon to the clip side and you’re done. … Read More