Belarus unveils five-year light industry plan

Bellegprom, the gentle field worry of the Belarusian ministry of gentle field, has unveiled a five-calendar year gentle field advancement plan. The plan for 2021-twenty five consists of setting up a vertically-built-in linen holding enterprise in Belaurs, introduction of robotic units in the country’s gentle field, and growing generation of polyester fabrics.

“During this five-calendar year period of time, we will focus on growing the processing depth of flax and leather-based – this is found as a growth stage for the gentle field. The doc also stipulates design and commissioning of new generation facilities, introduction of robotic hardware and computer software, and development of a vertically-built-in linen holding enterprise in the long term,” Belarusian information agency said quoting the press assistance of Bellegprom.

The plan also consists of expansion of the generation of polyester fabrics, as nicely as increasing cooperation and specialisation in the gentle field, which pertains to resources

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