Blauer USA’s versatile take on heritage

When you consider of heritage fashion brands, you envision high quality, craftmanship and model honed more than lots of decades.

Initially founded in 1936 to supply specialized clothes to the law enforcement, the navy and other American military services corps, outerwear-concentrated label Blauer United states carries on to deliver on all these fronts.

Today, the heritage brand name reinterprets its conventional strategy of the uniform for the modern international fashion market place by using outerwear and apparel collections, blending specialized facts with craze-led styles for adult males and gals.

For autumn/winter season 21, the latest selection reimagines the brand’s military services-policewear, bringing it into the 21st century with a contemporary and colourful outlook.

“Starting from the brand’s military services heritage, this year we wanted to make a selection developed for the metropolitan existence. 1 that is incredibly functional and functional in conditions of materials, facts and match, and capable

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