Burlington produces over 1 million yards of fabric for US army

Burlington Industries, a division of Elevate Textiles, has made in excess of 1 million yards of cloth for the new Military Eco-friendly Service Uniforms. This sum of cloth is equivalent to about two hundred,000 jackets, one hundred fifteen,000 hats and belts, 320,000 pants and 195,000 ties – practically 575 miles of cloth. The advancement of the cloth has been in development for in excess of two years.

If laid close to close, it would stretch from Burlington’s divisional headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina to New York Town.

Burlington is an integral aspect of the United States Armed forces defence provide chain for a lot more than fifty five years. The advancement of the new, worsted wool blended Military Eco-friendly Service Uniform cloth has been in development for in excess of two years and incorporates partnerships with garment producer Fechheimer, the Defence Logistics Agency Troop Aid Philadelphia (DLA), the United States

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