The Best 25 Cowboy Tattoos For Men in 2021

In the US, western culture often revolves around the cowboy, a man who works on a ranch, out in the wild and does most of his daily tasks on horseback. However, in more modern times and once picked up by mainstream fashion, cowboys have come to represent strength, grit, and the yearning for freedom. 

If you’re proud of your American roots, a western tattoo could be your next tattoo design. Giddy up and get ready for the wild west of cowboy tattoo ideas, only outlaws welcome. 

1. Cowboy Bebop Tattoo

Looking for unique tattoos ideas for men? Then why not get a tattoo that combines Western and Eastern cultures. Cowboy Bebop is an anime series from the ’90s (and live-action reboot in 2021) that draws its storyline from western film noir and science fiction. If you want a tattoo with plenty of color, Cowboy Bebop tattoos are an excellent

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