GUEST VIEW: A call to fight rising authoritarianism

By Veronique de Rugy

At the eve of a new 12 months, it’s traditional to make a resolution or two. I have no this sort of listing for myself or other folks, but I do have a wish. For 2022 and beyond, I desire that all of us who even now cherish liberal values will band jointly to oppose the worrisome increase of authoritarianism all over the entire world.

For many years, individuals inclined towards totally free marketplaces have targeted on authoritarianism coming from the political still left. We have spared no energy denouncing and opposing it. We have rightfully been anxious about the force to centralize much more electrical power in the palms of federal governments and to enhance the scope and sizing of all government. We have warned that these insurance policies, pursued continuously, pave what the fantastic F.A. Hayek identified as “the street to

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