21 Images Caught By The Google Streetview Car That Have Us In Stitches

Wilton Vinck

There is a relatively new phenomenon in the wide world of the internet, and it centers around Google Street View. With the rise of memes and internet comedy, there has been a big surfacing of amusing photos that have been captured by Google Street View, and not just any photos, either.

In the last decade or so, Google has been charting millions of miles of streets, in an effort to further and better the services they provide through Google Maps. These cars have been driving through the streets of almost every city in the world, relentlessly chartering road after road, street after street, block after block in an effort to compile it all in one centralized location.

This comprehensive and exhaustive documentation of the infrastructure of human civilization has brought about a rather unexpected side effect: a startlingly in-depth and honest look at the global human condition. Captured by the cameras mounted on the top of the Google Street View cars are people going about their daily lives, whatever that may be. Sometimes their daily lives are strange, funny, or just wild. Who can really know what might be going on the world when a street view car just happens to drive by?

Since the internet has caught onto this phenomenon, many people jump on any opportunity to get a slice of fame, (or infamy) and will do some of the strangest things. Here’s a look at 25 photos caught by the street view camera (accidental or otherwise) that have us in stitches, rolling in laughter.

21 Not Sure If We Should Laugh Or Start Running

The number of crazy things these Google drivers face on a daily basis must be quite extraordinary at times, and probably pretty scary. This just happens to capture both in one image. While it’s likely that this is just a bunch of goons getting together with their masks because they heard the Google Street View car was in the neighborhood, the end result is so peculiarly sinister that it almost gives you the chills.

Then again, it’s pretty funny, too, and perfectly done. Bravo to these four. Either that or they need the cops called on them.

20 Streetside Shakespeare

It’s hard to say what’s happening here in this photo, whether they are rehearsing for a dramatic play by Shakespeare in a theater, or if they jumped on an opportunity to stage an incredible scene for the wonderful people of Google Street View off the cuff.

In any case, the end result is just as laugh-inducing as the other, with poses, characters, a dramatic person lying on the ground for some unknown reason, and a beautiful girl curtsying in a dress. Talk about a fascinating look at the human condition.

19 T-Rex Woman On The Bus

This is a particularly hilarious one if you ask us. On a normal drive through the city with a Google Street View car, a fellow commuter in a public bus caught wind of the impending passing of the car in question and began making appropriate preparations, namely removing her shoes and getting into position.

And then, as soon as said Street View Car overtakes the bus, passing on the right, the woman makes her move, posing like a T-Rex, just as the 360-degree panorama camera records it in the history books, for all to see. Well played, T-Rex woman, well played, indeed.

18 Caught In The Act

There’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned TP-ing prank, though this one seems to be a little unique for a couple of reasons. The first being, rather obviously, that it’s, well, rather obvious.

Most people commit these acts of benign vandalism under the cover of darkness, and it usually involves trees or other items not on a busy street. That and the usual perpetrators are insolent youth versus these two fully grown adults. But, for all the mistakes they made, the end result is that they got caught by a Google Street View camera, and now we get to laugh at them.

17 Chasing The Street View Car

Perhaps one of the more well known Google Street View stories and most assuredly the most adorable, this little dog can be seen for quite a long stretch of beachside road, because this tiny pooch, as happy as can be, started chasing after the Street View car. The sheer cuteness alone caught on with media outlets across the globe, and with good reason.

That smile and face, the action shot mid-stride, and that perfectly curled tail capture perfectly just how adorable it must have been to see this little fella chasing his heart out.

16 Dinner For One (Plus Flamingos)

This delightfully strange photo gem, like buried treasure, was excavated somewhere along the many side roads of Google Street View, and we are so glad it did. The rest of the internet does, too.

The niche weirdness of this photo, with the roadside lunch of one at a nice table set for two with a floral tablecloth, the nice plant, and the flamingos, is only completed by the person in the photo, munching on a banana while wearing a horse head. When it comes to an internet hit, you can’t really find anything finer than this.

15 The Two-Headed Glitch Dog

This dog, just chilling out and being a good boy has suddenly sprouted an extra head. This, of course, is through no fault of his own but rather due to the extraordinarily glitchy stitching process Google Street View uses to create their immersive surrounding panorama effect once you go down to street level.

It seems like a strange world, to me, with two-headed dogs and people with missing or extra limbs and body parts. Maybe he met the other dog we featured earlier chasing the camera?

14 Floating On A River Of Grass

In a mountain climate like in the picture where this was taken, it’s a common visual to see along the rivers people who love whitewater kayaking and rafting. They are in full gear, boats, wet-suits, helmets, the works, pulled over on shoulders gearing up to head into the water.

But it’s not often you see two of those people, nowhere near a river, geared up and in their kayaks in the grassy median of a highway. They must be seriously lost, or confused, or both. Maybe the bright mountain sunshine has given them heat stroke. Or maybe they know something we don’t.

13 Hilarious Glitch

Google Street View cameras work in a very interesting way. They are not actually just one camera, but rather many cameras, all on top of a tall mount, and as this device moves, it takes many photos, usually at a constant rate, and stitches them all together to create a 3-D panorama effect.

When you add moving objects and variables into the picture (no pun intended) like humans, for example, things start to get a little glitchy. One frame has a mother taking a photo in hilarious fashion, the next frame she’s moved out of the picture entirely. Once stitched together, voila. A floating, picture taking, shoulder, and head glitch.

12 Homemade Lemonade, Anyone?

This one is a perfect blend of hilarious, and mysterious, and it had us almost on the floor in tears. Who knows why this strange doll is out on the street at a lemonade stand and not the usual wide-eyed child with three front teeth missing, bored on summer break.

It’s anybody’s guess, and I’m sure the Google Street View car driver was just as perplexed, and assuredly a little weirded out by it. The orange jumpsuit is also a pretty strange mystery, adding to the overall humor of this candid capture by Google.

11 Cronenberg Strikes Again

There is a lot of messy stitching in this photo, more than should probably be allowed. It’s so mixed up it’s hard to even understand what’s happening. There’s a lady without legs and an arm that’s coming out of her stomach, a headless man taking a selfie, which, is really just a picture of the city considering he doesn’t have a face, what looks like two emaciated twins, one with an arm that turns into two feet with hot pink shoes, and one in the foreground that’s dissolving into nothingness.

Talk about a photo that has us falling to the floor in stitches.

10 Long Day At The Amusement Park

This poor superhero has been caught doing something that no superhero has been caught doing before: taking a nap. But is it so unreasonable to think that even superheroes get tired sometimes? And that they, too, have bad days at work, where all they can do is collapse on a park bench and take a nap on their lunch break?

Or maybe this superhero just got finished with a wild night of partying, and he passed out on a bench in an amusement park, mere moments from waking up with one of the worst hangovers ever? Who knows. Do superheroes even get hangovers?

9  Now Our Mouths Are Watering

This one is a little less humorous as it is candidly fascinating. While the source for this photo doesn’t give a location, it’s clearly somewhere overseas, likely somewhere in Europe.

In any case, this man is showcasing quite a fair amount of talent, with a bunch of bread balancing on his head. Not just normal bread, either, no doubt deliciously artisan, hand crafted, perfectly cooked rolls of some sort or another. Sign us up pronto, we’ll take the board and everything on. It would have been a true tragedy if Google Street View documented him tripping up and dropping all of that delicious goodness. But it would have been funnier.

8 Parody Fight For The Cam

These teenagers saw the Google Street View car coming down the street ahead of them as they were on their way home from school and capitalized on the opportunity, at the expense of our side stitches. As soon as the car was passing, they pretended to be in a fight, and you can tell they are being ironic about it, with his limp wrist, loose neck, and his friend’s overly dramatized reaction to laughing.

It’s comedy gold, and they should be proud that they executed so flawlessly. Although we wouldn’t go so far as to say they should put it on their resumes or anything.

7 Plunging Into Statue Land

This is a fascinating photo that is quite startling to look at for the first time. Contrary to what it looks like, it’s not a group of seven people with cross bows all banding together to take out the poor person driving a Google Street View car, but rather an art installation just off the road.

The comedy of a shot like this isn’t lost on us, though, and this capture of a public art sculpture had us laughing either way. It may not have ever been the intention of the artist, but the result is great, and a testament to the reach and interpretive ability of art.

6 Purr For The Camera

This cat looks a little bit dazed, or perhaps he’s just confused about the Google Street View Camera in front of him. Who knows, really. But he sure is cute, either way, though his furry face seems to be kind of blocking the view of what looks like ancient ruins behind him.

It must be some kind of popular site for tourists to visit and get a taste of the history of the city. Or maybe it’s just to come and see the cat? It is probably why I would go there, but either way this photo had us rolling with laughter.

5 Really Just Not Sure

The entry title for this one really does just say it all. We’re just really not sure what’s going on here, why it is happening, or what on Earth these people are attempting. In the middle of the street, decked out in full scuba gear, walking in front of a car.

It’s hard to say what exactly it is the guy in the red scuba suit is holding, but it seems sinister. The other culprit seems to be attempting to run in flippers, which had us in tears, sides in stitches because it’s such a hilarious thought. If only there was video.

4 Somebody Forgot Their Shoes. (And Ankles)

This is one of a few classic examples on this list of the stitching process the Google Street View Camera uses glitching out. With hilarious results, of course. This time it’s not a mismatch of limbs and bodies, nor a floating head taking a picture, but rather the entire body of this human that’s missing, mistakenly patched over with a beautiful bit of tile.

It’s likely that this individual left the frame completely before the Street View camera had finished taking photos. The result is so hysterical we can’t breathe.

3 Something Seems To Be Missing…

Much like our entries of similar hilarity, these two have seemed to have forgotten their legs when they left this spot. You’d think you might need those for walking away easily, and that they’d be hard to forget, but apparently not. All joking aside, though, this is a very hilarious and unintended result from the way Google Street View cameras take such immersive photos, by stitching together many exposures from almost every angle and then stitching them together.

It’s also a rather common result, as some things just like to stay in motion, and that means some strange malfunctions.

2  The Headless Pigeonman Strikes Again

This is a particularly hilarious find from the endless roads and chasms of Google Street View. While perusing the local streets in search for the street view of the shop you’re planning on visiting, you just happen to stumble upon this: a rather strangely dressed man, with loafers, jeans, sporty athletic jacket, and plaid scarf, standing around a pigeon while having no head.

The glitches of the Google Street View camera are really hysterical sometimes, and this is one of the funnier ones, mostly because the rest of the photo is perfectly normal. Except, of course, for the people against the far railing without any legs.

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