Whether you’re a hunter looking to pay homage to your favorite sport or you want a permanent reminder to keep moving forward, an arrow tattoo is a timeless option for men looking for symbolic ink. 

From a full bow and arrow to a simple compass tattoo, there are many arrow tattoo ideas that can be tweaked and modified to fit your own individual style and story. 

Large arrow tattoos look best on the bicep, chest, or back, but arrow tattoos can also be designed for smaller spaces on the wrist or finger. If you’re in the market for a tattoo that is masculine and meaningful, keep reading our collection of  the 20 best arrow tattoos for men.

1. Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Bow and arrow tattoos can be a literal representation of archery or a symbolic representation of dominance, strength, and agility. If you’re wanting to design a bow and arrow tattoo that has a decent amount of detail and intricacy, plan on using a larger space such as the chest or back.

Bow and Arrow Tattoo
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2. Small Arrow Tattoo 

Small arrow tattoos are great for men who still want the option of hiding their ink. However, if you’re looking for a more minimalist way of designing a small arrow tattoo, design one with simple linework along the inside of the finger or wrist. 

Small Arrow Tattoo
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3. Broken Arrow Tattoo

Rather than symbolizing war or dominance, broken arrow tattoos actually represent a sign of peace. This is one of the most healing tattoo ideas for men who have moved beyond a tumultuous or rough past. 

Broken Arrow Tattoo
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4. Arrow Compass Tattoo 

While a compass is designed with arrows on it, combining an actual arrow that has a head and tail with a compass adds some depth to the entire image. This tattoo specifically symbolizes following one’s path and walking toward their destiny.

Arrow Compass Tattoo
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5. Three Arrow Tattoo

When bundled together, three arrow tattoos stand for strength in numbers. We are often stronger together and this arrow tattoo is a poetic example of connection, solidarity, and unification.  

Three Arrow Tattoo
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6. Black Arrow Tattoo  

If colorful tattoos are too abstract for you, stick to a black arrow tattoo for a refined and modern look. Blackwork tattoos continue to be a classic no matter the decade and always come with a timeless look. 

Black Arrow Tattoo
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7. Arrow Feather Tattoo 

Paring a feather with an arrow tattoo is an artistic way to pay homage to Native American culture and history. If you prefer a more cohesive image, add defined feathers to the tail of the arrow.

Arrow Feather Tattoo
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8. Infinity Arrow Tattoo

Infinity arrow tattoos are a beautiful way to symbolize an infinite future or everlasting strength. This style is also a popular family tattoo, to represent the unwavering bond to your loved ones, chosen or related. 

Infinity Arrow Tattoo
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9. Tribal Arrow Tattoo 

Tribal arrow tattoos are wonderful for men who have Native American or Polynesian heritage. Pairing this historical weapon with tribal elements builds a deeper connection between one’s culture and the image. 

Tribal Arrow Tattoo
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10. Avatar Arrow Tattoo

Fans of the hit anime series Avatar will easily recognize Aang’s iconic arrow tattoo that runs down the middle of his scalp. However, rather than tattooing the actual arrow on your head or face, design a fun portrait of Aang on your arm or chest. 

Avatar Arrow Tattoo
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11. Cross Arrow Tattoo 

Two arrows that cross over one another represent friendship and alliance, making this a great tattoo option for best friends who want matching ink. Crossed arrow tattoos can also signify an internal unity or peace for those looking to showcase a more individual meaning.

Cross Arrow Tattoo
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12. Moon Arrow Tattoo

An arrow tattoo that is shot through a moon is a unique and fun way to embody the phrase “shoot for the moon.” Whether you want this tattoo to act as a motivating force or you simply like the aesthetic, this is a special tattoo for men who want something uncommon.

Moon Arrow Tattoo
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13. Green Arrow Tattoo 

If you’re a fan of superheroes, a Green Arrow tattoo pays tribute to the character Oliver Queen who wields a bow and arrow to fight crime and protect his city. In addition to getting an actual portrait of the superhero, fans can also design a more minimalistic tattoo that features the logo of the Green Arrow.

Green Arrow Tattoo
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14. Arrow Tattoo with Words 

From “strength” to “believe,” arrow tattoos with words look best when they are done using thin linework and delicate detailing. While you can have your desired word written directly above or below the arrow, including the word between the tail and head of the arrow looks more elegant and intentional. 

Arrow Tattoo with Words
j_erre_tattoo / Instagram

15. Heart with Arrow Tattoo

A heart with an arrow tattoo is a fun piece that has a retro and vintage vibe. This tattoo tends to depict a shaded heart with an arrow shot through it, symbolizing anything from Cupid to being ‘lovesick.’ You can always add Mom’ to the middle of it for something lighthearted, and classic. 

Heart with Arrow Tattoo
@minu_tattooer / Instagram

16. Arrow Name Tattoo 

Similarly to an inspiring word, adding a name to the middle of your arrow tattoo deepens the meaning and adds a personal touch. An arrow tattoo with a name in it also signifies the idea that you intend to have a specific person with you for the rest of your journey.

Arrow Name Tattoo
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17. Crossed Arrow Tattoo 

Two arrows that cross over one another represent friendship and alliance, making this a great tattoo option for best friends who want matching ink. Crossed arrow tattoos can also signify an internal unity or peace for those looking to showcase a personal meaning.

Crossed Arrow Tattoo
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18. Viking Arrow Tattoo  

Traditional Viking arrow tattoos represent the power to create your own reality and forge your own path. Rather than depicting a typical arrow, a Viking arrow tattoo only includes the shape of the arrowhead, making this a solid option for men who prefer more contemporary or minimalistic ink. 

Viking Arrow Tattoo
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19. Compass with Arrow Tattoo 

If you would rather have the compass as the focus of your tattoo, use smaller arrows as the hands of the compass instead of having an arrow running through the compass. 

Compass with Arrow Tattoo
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20. Roman Numeral Arrow Tattoo

Rather than using standard numbers, using Roman numerals in your arrow tattoo allows you to honor special dates artistically. While you can use regular numbers, Roman numerals look more regal and elegant. 

Roman Numeral Arrow Tattoo
@tom.b.tattoo / Instagram

21. Arrow Through Skin Tattoo

If you’re looking for an edgy tattoo that has a shock factor, an arrow through the skin is sure to do the job. While many arrow tattoos are black and white, this design opens the door for adding a pop of color for the ‘blood.’

Arrow Through Skin Tattoo
@jhill_artboi / Instagram

22. Arrow with Angel Wings Tattoo

An arrow with angel wings is a unique and special way to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed. This tattoo depicts the idea that even after death, the soul continues to move forward into the next chapter or phase. Add a date or name to the design for a personal touch.

Arrow with Angel Wings Tattoo
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23. Lion Arrow Tattoo

Though an arrow tattoo alone already represents strength, adding the face or outline of a lion enhances the message and adds  elements of independence and dominance. If you’re intrigued by astrology, this is one of the best arrow tattoo ideas for men born under the sign of Leo.

Lion Arrow Tattoo
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24. Traditional Arrow Tattoo

Traditional arrow tattoos are great for men who prefer realistic and art-forward ink rather than abstract or animated tattoos. This style can also refer to  American traditional tattooing which features bold clean lines and bright colors. 

Traditional Arrow Tattoo
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25. Geometric Arrow Tattoo

Geometric arrow tattoos use thin linework and delicate shading to create a contemporary tattoo that has a sleek appeal. Since these thin lines require a steady hand and a decent amount of skill, make sure that you have a solid tattoo artist that is capable of following through.

Geometric Arrow Tattoo
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26. Deer Skull with Arrow Tattoo

A deer skull and arrow tattoo is perfect for men who love to hunt or have a passion for the outdoors. This tattoo offers a lot of creative freedom and can be done realistic or abstract. 

Deer Skull with Arrow Tattoo
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27. Forearm Arrow Tattoo 

The forearm is a very slender shape and a forearm arrow tattoo looks best when it runs along the length of the forearm. While you can do a full bow and arrow tattoo in the center of the forearm, go for a more minimalistic and modern arrow that points forward toward your hand to symbolize chasing your goals. 

Forearm Arrow Tattoo
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28. Arrow Finger Tattoo

Arrow finger tattoos are ideal for men who want the symbolism of the tattoo on their body yet still want the image to be subtle or hidden. Since the finger is so slim and small, there is not a lot of room for detailing with this arrow tattoo.

Arrow Finger Tattoo
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29. Arrow Back Tattoo 

Though the area is vast, the back is another great option for those wanting an arrow tattoo that’s more detailed. This leaves you with room for an abundance of creativity and meaning. 

Arrow Back Tattoo
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30. Arrow Arm Tattoo 

From an intricate crossbow to a singular arrow, arm tattoos open up the door to an abundance of creativity due to the shape and space that is available. If you are interested in creating a more comprehensive scene, a sleeve or half-sleeve allows you to express yourself and create a unique design. 

Arrow Arm Tattoo
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Arrow Tattoo FAQ:

What does an arrow tattoo mean?

Arrow tattoos have a wide variety of meanings. In general, an arrow tattoo is considered a representation of reaching goals and defeating challenges. Some other meanings include strength, power, and finding direction. 

What do 2 crossed arrows mean?

Two crossed arrows represent friendship or an alliance. This arrow tattoo can also signify having strength in numbers. 

What does a bow and arrow tattoo mean?

Whether you are a hunter or you have Native American ancestry, a bow and arrow tattoo stands for strength and power. They can also represent a sense of direction and knowing that you are moving forward along the right path. 

What is the best place to get an arrow tattoo? 

While a singular arrow without a bow can be tattooed in more slender places like the forearm or wrist, a full bow and arrow tattoo looks best on the chest or bicep.