5 Types of Nose-pins every Girl needs

Wilton Vinck

Nose-pins have been a huge style statement that has prevailed the fashion, especially the Indian fashion industry for a long time. What began as a culture amongst Indian women traveled overseas in the late 2000s. Now, many people all over the world have a knack for nose-rings. The fashion industry, ever since, have designers all over the world creating different types of nose-pins.

Nose Pins

Here is a list of 5 types of nose-pins that every girl needs:

  1. The Diamond nose-stud: Most of our grandmothers and mothers have elegantly rocked the traditional diamond nose-stud flawlessly. Even worth a thousand dollars, this piece of jewellery can go with all forms of attire. If you want a nose-stud to use on a regular basis and yet you desire it to compliment your outfits, this your perfect choice. However, if you really are someone who shifts between nose-pins then there is always a chance of losing it. You can find the small nose pin However, if you wish to have a diamond nose ring, you can find it at your local stores. You can also find a diamond nose ring price that is right for you online as well. However, it is always necessary to check the hallmark before buying it.
  2. Silver nose-pins: More than ever, silver is in trend. If you are unable to make up your mind on what kind of nose-ring you should wear then a plain silver ring is a great option. You can style it up with any fabric you wear. The silver hues are a great contrast to both bright and bland colors. It can make your outfit look posh and pretty.
  3. The nose ring: If you are someone who does not like fancy studs and heavy pins on your nose then your next best option is the nose ring. Whether you prefer silver or gold plated, you can always look your best and yet stylish with this piece of jewellery. You can find them online or at your nearest local jewellery shop at very affordable prices. They can become your go-to option with both western and Indian attire.
  4. The Hoops: If you are to choose a nose-pin for your big day or your cousin’s big day and cannot decide, hoops are here to help you out. They look beautiful with lehenga and saree. The hoops even though very elegant in stature might not go well with the western outfit but if you like a bit of fusion in your taste, you can rock them anywhere.
  5. The Nath: A signature Maharashtrian piece of jewellery is the Nath. It has beads and stones engraved into it and can make you look beautiful. It is best to fit for women who have a big nose and can carry heavy jewellery on their nose. A nath can be worn by one and all. You can find them in different designs and are affordable in nature. Mostly worn by brides during the Maharashtrian wedding ceremony is a signature piece of jewellery in the Marathi tradition.

Nose-pins have been worn by women over more than a century. It can change the facial structure of a woman. With this guide in hand, one can know all that is to know about nose-pins. This can help you get decked up the way you have always wanted. A little nose-pin can bring you home all the applaud.

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