Everyone has a love or hate feeling when it comes to the topic of body confidence. We have all been through the experience of trying on one outfit or another and feeling terrible at the sight we see in the mirror. It can be difficult to become confident about our figures, but there is something that can help. Shape-wear is the solution. At M&Co, we have a whole range of shape-wear to help you gain the body confidence you deserve.

We offer control briefs, under-slip dresses, corselettes, skirts and much more. Each piece will make you feel confident even on your difficult days. Our experts have put this guide together to answer your questions about shape-wear and how it can help you get the confidence you need no matter what outfit, you have on.

What is Shape-wear?

Shape-wear is a type of undergarment that is made of materials that support and slim the figure. It is more popular now than ever and comes in many different styles to suit many different outfits from trousers to skirts. Shape-wear includes control panties, skirt slips, and skirts to flatter any body type.

How Does Shape-wear Work?

It works by using compression fabrics to push fat in and compress areas like the stomach to achieve a slim appearance. You will not want to wear shape-wear that is too tight and you will not want to wear it for prolonged periods. It must fit comfortably and should be worn for brief periods; it puts pressure on the body. It can also slow circulation along certain areas of the body.

Will Shape-wear Increase Body Confidence?

It most likely always will because it is a quick, simple way to get a slimmer look and feel better about the clothes you wear. When you go out in fitted clothes, shape-wear gives you that extra boost of confidence that everything is smooth and flattering.

Many women struggle with a few bumps and lumps, but shape-wear helps those disappear. Body empowerment is a hot topic these days and every woman should love her body as is. However, shape-wear can give you that extra boost of looking your absolute best. More women are looking to veer away from surgery. Shape-wear offers a quick and safe way to flatter your existing figure.

Is There a Right Way Shape-wear Should Fit?

Aim to get shape-wear that fits snugly against your skin but still makes you feel comfortable. If there is any pain it means the shape-wear is too tight. If it fits loosely, it will not offer you the smoothness you are after. Try shape-wear on before buying it. Make sure it is comfortable and snug as you walk, sit or stand. You should feel comfortable in it the entire time you are wearing it.

Does Shape-wear Alter Your Figure?

No, it will not change your body permanently at all. Shape-wear is only designed to give you a smooth, slimming appearance when worn. It will hold your stomach in and smooth your hips when you wear it.

Can You Wear Shape-wear Every Day?

Yes, as long as you are wearing shape-wear that fits you comfortably and properly. It should be snug but not constricting. It should not be too tight or it could cause blood circulation to slow and that can make you feel uncomfortable.

Can You Wear Shape-wear While You Sleep?

There is no clear benefit to doing this, so we would not recommend it. It is only designed to make you feel good while wearing your clothes during the day. It is also snug fitting so it would not be very comfortable to sleep in.