Being a musician is tough right now. With no gigs booked for the foreseeable future, and the ones artists had planned either cancelled or postponed, it might be a while before we can congregate at a concert again.

That’s why we’re launching a new channel on our IGTV to continue promoting the work of our scene’s talent, even if we all are stuck at home. We’ll be sharing songs recorded from local musicians practicing social distancing, in the hope that even while we’re apart, we can stick together.

Consider donating to the Twin Cities Music Community Trust or the Springboard for the Arts emergency relief fund, tipping an out-of-work bartender for a drink, and using the artists’ links below to offer support and buy music and merch to keep our music community thriving.

Dessa & Lott

Website | Dessa Venmo | Lott Venmo

Singer, rapper, and writer Dessa graces us with a fiery rendition of her song “5 out of 6” with some help from Lott (who’s also her neighbor down the hallway). On Thursdays at 7:45 cst, check out Dessa’s Instagram for her weekly Show of Force Majeure, featuring live readings and music. Dress code: cocktail attire from the waist up.

Monica LaPlante

Bancamp | Venmo

Minneapolis garage pop artist Monica LaPlante performs a drum machine assisted version of her song “Tinted Light”.

David Huckfelt

Website | Kickstarter | Paypal | Venmo 

David Huckfelt, the singer behind The Pines and the father of a newborn who came into this world in the midst of a pandemic, graces us with “Better to See the Face Than to Hear the Name,” bringing us together in isolation. 

Ranelle LaBiche

Bandcamp | Paypal: [email protected]Venmo 

A certified music therapist, Ranelle LaBiche leads the “orchestral art-rock” band Elle PF and plays the keys in Lunch Duchess. Here she is performing “Don’t Think Too Much” off Elle PF’s forthcoming record.

Invisible Boy

Bandcamp | Paypal | Venmo

Invisible Boy is the project of Chris Bierden, who also plays the bass for Poliça. He’s performing a dreamy rendition of his song “Boat of Gold,” fit for a backdrop in Twin Peaks.

Katy Vernon

Website | Paypal: [email protected] | Venmo

The coronavirus crisis hits especially close to home for the ukulele songbird of the Twin Cities Katy Vernon. Her oldest brother in London is dealing with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis and is in quarantine. She says, “He’s doing okay thankfully but it is of course a stressful and sad situation. I’m so grateful to live in a supportive community, and to have working internet, and a sensible Governor. We will emerge from this more compassionate I believe and hopefully the losses can be minimized. It’s such an overwhelmingly difficult time for everyone.” She’s also been performing live on her Instagram and Facebook at 3 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Chris Koza | Venmo

Americana artist Chris Koza has a voice that’s both gentle and reassuring for what we’re collectively experiencing. The singer-songwriter performed a more stripped-down take on “Shoulder to Shoulder Around the Fire” from his band Rogue Valley’s catalogue, a song with a soothing reminder that we still have each other in times of uncertainty. His last release, Sleepwalkers part 1 from last year, is the peaceful first chunk of a forthcoming double album that can keep your ears at ease. 

Lazerbeak | Venmo

Aaron Mader, the Doomtree CEO/jack-of-all-trades who works as Lazerbeak, made his last album Luther with relieving stress in mind. Needless to stay, it’s required listening for the times, in addition to his Tuesdays with Lazerbeak Podcast about wellness and mental health. Watch him perform a cheery acoustic cover of “Get Back Up Again” from the Trolls soundtrack (originally performed by Anna Kendrick) with a little help from his kids. 

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