Dynamic Modifiers unveils new non-halogenated FR compound

Dynamic Modifiers has introduced a new non-halogenated FR compound referred to as PAL…VersaCHAR. The compound can reach a new degree of flame retardant effectiveness as a coating for nonwovens and technological textiles. Dynamic Modifiers is a main specialty compounder focused on personalized polyolefin compounds and concentrates, dependent in Atlanta, Ga.

PAL…VersaCHAR has been examined to one,950°C, the greatest to day, and proven to avoid all flaming drips of polymer. Char bodies form on the compound surface area, defending from flame generation and delaying heat transfer. Rapid self- extinguishing burn behaviour guards any underlying substrate to which it is adhered, in accordance to Dynamic Modifiers.

The compound has handed ASTM E84 (Course A) with a 15/ten score, which contains ‘clean’ smoke technology of only two.three for every cent of the allowable ASTM smoke restrictions. In addition, the compound is light-weight pounds, at a unique gravity of one., and one hundred for

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