Wise Ink Publisher Dara Beevas on the Work to Be Done

Welcome to 2021, the yr we at last transfer forward once more. The only question now is, how? We interviewed some essential Twin Towns stakeholders, local community voices, and leaders who will be central to what happens–or doesn’t–in the yr to come. 

Dara Beevas is the co-founder and chief strategic officer of the publisher Clever Ink. She’s also the wife and companion to Tomme Beevas, co-founder of Pimento Jamaican Kitchen, the Take in Street cafe that turned by itself into a food stuff distribution website and local community hub following the George Floyd uprising and was topic to armed white supremacist harassment. 

“There have been times I think again to my seven-hundred Club upbringing and think, ‘Are these the close occasions they were being speaking about?’” laughs Beevas. “But significantly, what is been toughest about this for me personally was how stunned our local community was—stunned? Definitely? George

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