Higg to unveil open data portal at Copenhagen Summit

Currently at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit (CFS+) know-how business Higg Co, the know-how business powering Higg Index system, will unveil its new Open up Info Portal, introducing sustainability transparency to the apparel marketplace at a world-wide scale. Although transparency in the apparel sector is a hot matter, it has also been an elusive growth. 


Till now, there has not been a way to take a look at the validity or comparability of item sustainability statements. Predicted to launch in 2021, the Open up Info Portal on the Higg system, created in partnership with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), will feature accessibility to the actual details powering social and environmental sustainability statements by world-wide models, merchants, and manufacturers. For the initially time, customers and stakeholders will be able to see the actual details powering statements about item sustainability.


The Open up Info Portal aims to supply a gateway from sustainability statements

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