6 Of The Best Men’s Boots Ever Created

The everlasting styles every man should be shod in come winter.

Men have been wearing boots for at least 3,000 years, so we’re going to hold our hands up here. What follows does not include calfskin ankle boots designed by Inca warriors or mankind’s original winter men’s boots, which were made by Inuit tribes and decorated with seal intestines. Sorry about that. What it does include, however, are classic 20th-century designs that do what the best boots for men have always done: they work.

Fashion rarely gets more functional than this. Whether you’re talking military stompers, steel-capped workers or rootin’-tootin’ cowboy boots, they’re all built for purpose. The fact that they look good is, in most cases, a happy coincidence.

These days, you might not work on the docks, and your feet probably only need protection from deceptively deep puddles. But if you want to look rugged and stylish at

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