True love quotes to brighten your day

True love quotes to brighten your day

True love quotes with love sayings cannot be exhausted.

  • They said that someone can fall in love only once but this is not true because I always fall in love with you every time I see you
  • The true friend will show you the weakness but he will also show you the strength, he feels the fears you have but will fortifies the faith, will see the anxiety you have but will free your spirit, he will recognize the disability you have but will emphasize on the possibilities
  • True love is being aware of the faults of a person but you still love them even more
  • When a person loves you for sure, he is not going to talk with you the love stories but he is going to make a love story together with you
  • True love is infinite and eternal. It is pure and equal without any violent demonstration. It can be seen when someone has white hair but it is always younger in someone’s heart
  • I will not stop loving you, regardless of what I do or say, my heart will always be true
  • True love works as pair of socks, two people are needed and they have to match
  • True love does not have to be about the kisses or how many times you got them. It is a feeling which will remain even when the kiss is already over.
  • Love is a destiny. You cannot find a meaning of the life when you are alone but you find it if you are with someone else
  • We found each other under stars. What begun as liking, it turned into a love. I found something in my heart and it was true. I now know that I was waiting to fall in love with you all my life.
  • I want to be honest since if think about you too much. This is all the time regardless if it is in the night and morning and in the middle of a day. It has always been you.
  • Once I caught myself while smiling without any reason but I realized that I was just thinking about you
  • There are no words to explain how much I love you, and you could never know how much I think about you. Until the end, this is going to be true since there is none that I can love as the way I am in love with you
  • If only I can explain the eyes you have and how a sound of your voice does give me the butterfly. Your smile always makes my heart to skip and whenever I am with you, I always feel that I am complete.
  • I don’t understand what I should talk about but I am sure I just want to talk to you

You are aware that you are missing a person if you crave something which may look simple like the sound of his own voice.…

Must-have fur accessories for 2017

Must-have fur accessories for 2017

Whether you’re a fur aficionado looking to add to your collection or a newbie to this long-standing fashion trend and are seeking an affordable way to start adding fur accessories to your wardrobe, fur accessories are an incredibly stylish and effortless way to overhaul your outfit.

Discover how you can add a fur stole, fur scarf or fur hat to your wardrobe effortlessly:

Fur Stole or Throw

One of the oldest fur accessories, the fur stole and fur throw was a particularly popular type of accessory in the ’60s and was all the rage with Hollywood celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich. Now, the fur stole is coming back into fashion as an effortless way to make your evening ensemble “pop!” with elegance. If you’re off to a show or an evening dinner in the city, a fur stole can help to keep the chilly English air off your neck while making your outfit shine. Because of its elegant appeal, a fur stole is best worn with a striking evening dress and heels, however, you can dress it down with a simple pair of trousers and a light blouse during the summer months.

Fur Scarf

Every winter, thousands of women rush out to find a quality scarf. Rather than adding a woollen scarf to your wardrobe, which will do the job half-well, choose a fur scarf, which will excel. Fur is one of the oldest methods of keeping warm and has dozens of proven thermal properties. Next winter, change things up and choose a rabbit fur scarf in black or contrast white and grey from Thalia furs for as little as £125.

Fur Hat

Ideal when paired with a fur scarf, a rabbit fur hat will top off your winter ensemble affordably for a little as £125. For an effortless daytime look, pair your rabbit fur hat with boot-cut denim jeans, a light blouse, and woollen cardigan or sweater for timeless appeal. Due to their affordability, a fur hat also makes a fantastic gift for loved ones at Christmas.

Fur Bag

Another ’60s favourite, a fur bag, and mink fur bags especially, are an elegant way to add fur to your wardrobe. Unlike classic leather bags, fur bags are versatile year-round and for a range of occasions, meaning you don’t have to purchase and store dozens of bags in different colours and silhouettes. Instead, choose a brown mink fur bag, for instance, and use it for everything.

When you add fur accessories to your wardrobe, remember to have them regularly cleaned using Thalia Furs’ fur cleaning service to keep your fur looking its best.

Discover a range of authentic, quality fur accessories at Thalia Furs located near Aldgate East Underground station, 94a Whitechapel High Street, London, United Kingdom, E1 7RA. Thalia Furs also have an astonishing fur accessories catalogue. For more info please visit their webpage