Facial recognition: Big Brother or ultimate convenience?

The use of facial recognition is creating a problem for vendors, as they are pressured to weigh up the price of comfort in opposition to shopper privacy.

The European Commission exposed earlier this thirty day period that it is considering a 5-calendar year ban on facial recognition in public areas, right after many stability surveillance techniques led to problems bordering privacy, security and legislation. 

In September 2019 the software package was scrapped across London’s King’s Cross Central progress, which is house to Sweaty Betty, & Other Stories and Nike, due to the fact it associated tracking men and women devoid of their consent.

In the meantime, in 2018 Intu Trafford Centre in Manchester was pressured to axe a facial recognition engineering demo right after the Surveillance Camera Commissioner stated that monitoring millions of innocent individuals was inappropriate. 

Intu Trafford Centre axed facial recognition engineering right after a ruling by the

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