Notus Composites supplies for 'Museum of the Future'

Notus Composites (UAE) has accomplished delivery of fire retardant (FR) epoxy prepreg for Dubai’s Museum of the Long run, a single of the most intricate façade projects. The enterprise has supplied in excess of 600,000m2 of prepreg resources for the building’s exterior façade panels. The museum has 1024 cladding panels designed with Notus’ multiaxial glass and carbon prepregs.

The two-year build programme culminated in the museum’s on the web unveiling on December two, 2020. In a location that is renowned for pushing the limitations in architectural structure, the Museum of the Long run in Dubai is a single of the most intricate façade projects. Created by architectural firm Killa Design and style, and conceived as a composite construction from the outset, the engineering marvel depicts the added benefits of constructing with highly developed composites.

Notus Composites, an impressive prepreg methods service provider dependent in the UAE, has labored with

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