Thieves break school time capsule out of brick box

The capsule, which was buried inside of a brick construction, was put in 2008, in the course of the school’s centennial year celebrations, and was intended to be opened in 2033 – 25 several years later on.

Within the capsule had been four cylinders containing get the job done, art and letters from pupils and staff of the faculty in 2008.

David Jackson, a Mt Barker resident, and governing council member chairman for the significant faculty at the time the capsule was set up, stated its theft was upsetting.

“It’s heartbreaking really, at the time the governing council had a sub committee of centenary gatherings,” Mr Jackson stated.

The council organized a route with bricks marked with previous student’s names to go along with the capsule.

“A great deal of challenging get the job done went into it, not only from pupils and council members but volunteer dad and mom.”… Read More