Directa Plus gets EU grant for G+ graphene project

Directa Moreover, producer and provider of graphene nanoplatelets dependent products for purchaser and industrial marketplaces, has been awarded EU grant for a task to build an environmentally sustainable technological innovation to digitally print its G+ graphene solution on fabrics. The task will past for an preliminary interval of 24 months and has a total value of some €1 million.

The Environmentally friendly.Tex task associates are Directa Moreover, EFI Reggiani, the Italian subsidiary of world-wide electronic printing team Electronics For Imaging (EFI), and IBS Consulting Team. Of the total value of some €1 million, Directa Moreover will spend €240,000 and obtain a grant of €100,000.

Environmentally friendly.Tex is aimed at reducing the environmental impression of printing graphene on material via the use of an highly developed product. The aim is to build an impressive electronic printing procedure utilizing water-dependent graphene ink. Utilizing electronic products will noticeably decrease the environmental impression, significantly

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