Pure London launches its Power of One Exhibitor programme

Pure London’s sustainability awareness campaign, the Energy of One, proceeds its determination to disrupt the trend field with the launch of its Energy of One Exhibitor Programme and partnership with the Mindful Manner Campaign. The campaign is devoted to uniting people today and presenting assistance to people to make a favourable mark on our world.

Partnering with Mindful Manner Campaign in collaboration with United Nations Business office for Partnerships, the Energy of One aligns to sustainable intake and production, intention variety twelve of the United Nations’ seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This season, the display is also aligning with intention seventeen: partnerships for ambitions. Allied with Mindful Manner Campaign’s strategy to integrate the SDGs into trade exhibits globally, the campaign is devoted to driving improve by advocacy, education and engagement of field stakeholders to develop a sustainable upcoming for all.

Pure London’s Energy of One Exhibitor programme gives Pure Mindful

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