A Brief History of Fishing in Minnesota

9500 BCE

We never know much about the historic folks of what is now Minnesota, but we know they fished: Excavations of prehistoric internet sites expose J-formed, chipped stone fishhooks.

900 CE

The Ojibwe arrive and revolutionize fishing lifestyle by venturing away from the shoreline to drop lines from their birchbark canoes.


With the fur trade waning, the American Fur Company sets up professional fisheries on Lake Superior’s Encampment Island, Grand Portage, and Isle Royale. The haul is absurd—a Rev. James Peet experiences that he helped pull in a seine of 523 walleye. 


Responding to the European immigrants’ unslakable thirst for carp, a federal teach car or truck comprehensive of them comes in St. Paul. In considerably less than 10 a long time, the invasive fish will virtually absolutely destroy indigenous bass habitat, and the newspapers will refer to them as a “German menace.”



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