Victoria’s Secret models reveal brand’s dark side: new podcast

A new podcast about Victoria’s Key promises to elevate the lid on the brand’s troubling underbelly.

“Fallen Angel” investigates the “very sinister ecosystem” of the lingerie huge and its disturbing connection to Jeffrey Epstein, who was the revenue expert of the company’s founder, Les Wexner.

“I think … Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein’s romantic relationship was deep,” Vanessa Grigoriadis, a journalist and the podcast’s co-host, advised The Publish. “And there are numerous individuals who imagine that the bulk of Epstein’s dollars — the revenue that Epstein utilized to buy all these extraordinary qualities and create an picture for himself that attracted all these rich males to his facet, and also abuse all of these females and ladies — most very likely arrived from Les Wexner.”

The two guys were so shut that they shared possession of a sprawling $77 million Higher East Side townhouse. The deed was transferred in 2011 

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