Here’s just one with amazing metallic shades, contrary to the sweet type I usually favour. 

The colours are unheard of as well- a trace of violet and purple, a dash of blue greens, and a splash of silver.

No rounds beads are utilised in this article, only faceted ones to maximize on ‘edginess’.


Metallic Emerald Gold Strawberry Crystal Bead

Turkish Blue Melon Crystal Bead

Sage Green Octagon Faceted Crystal Bead

Turquoise-Silver Helix Crystal Bead

Metallic Silver Faceted Round Crystal Bead

Purple Violet Flat Wheel Crystal Bead

Vitrail Gentle, Denim Blue, Violet AB Rivoli Crystal Bead

Price tag

RM 40.00


Prepared stock offered out, enquire for remakes