I am at the moment abroad for further more studies, have been setting up this go for more than a yr and it eventually took place 🙂

Thanks for your assist all these years, I just want to say that a sale wasn’t just a sale to me, it intended a good deal extra. Thank you for trusting an online stranger to make your components, you created me believe that in myself also. Thanks way too for placing up with my prolonged buy processing time. About the a long time, I experienced the most wonderful customers, thanks for your repeat buys and some who gave me presents in return much too!

This little shop has been part of my daily life for so lengthy, it was bittersweet to clean up my worktable and pack up all my products into storage. If you would like to preserve in contact, my private Instagram is @meliameis despite the fact that I doubt I will update frequently (I am not incredibly into social media haha). 

So, I guess which is all for now…. 

Thank you extremely quite quite considerably for every little thing.

God bless!