Donatella Versace finds inspiration for her collections just about everywhere — even underwater.

She established her spring display in the imaginary sunken town of Versacepolis, with wet-haired products storming the sandy runway in the house’s classic “Trésor de la Mer” sea-creature print. Her sparkling new women’s fragrance by EuroItalia, “Dylan Turquoise,” is also reminiscent of sea, shore and deep-blue skies.

With hotter temperature all around the corner, here’s a further dive into Versace’s sunny must-haves. 

“Lately I really like the latest Dua Lipa album ‘Future Nostalgia.’ Dua is normally this kind of an inspiration: She’s so young and so talented, and, naturally, a ‘Very Versace’ female.”

“Future Nostalgia” album by Dua Lipa, $14 at
“Future Nostalgia” album by Dua Lipa, $14 at Amazon

“I under no circumstances use only a person fragrance. My personalized way of executing it is by mixing scented oils for the physique with distinctive types of fragrances so that the outcome is a little bit distinctive each individual day. I adore floral essences. I have basically hundreds of bottles of floral perfumes and oils in my residence. We have just released a new attractive fragrance, ‘Dylan Turquoise,’ an ode to the sensuality of the Versace female.” 

Versace “Dylan Turquoise” eau de toilette, $105 (100 ml) at
Versace “Dylan Turquoise” eau de toilette, $one zero five (a hundred ml) at Macys

“Like all the things else, I like to modify, and I like new points. But I also respect traditions, and Bice in Milan has the most unbelievable meals, and the waiter knows your order prior to you communicate.”

Starters from $17,
Starters from $17, Bice Milano

“‘Trigreca’ sneakers are daring, unapologetic and will make you stand out in the group. So, my query is: Are you prepared?” 

“Trigreca” sneakers, $775 at 
“Trigreca” sneakers, $775 at Versace

“Personally, I really like contrasts. In my property there are normally components and kinds that are superimposed.”

“Jungle Animalier” silk cushion, $375 at
“Jungle Animalier” silk cushion, $375 at Versace

“‘Becoming’ is crucial looking at.”

“Becoming” book by Michelle Obama, $33 at BarnesAnd
“Becoming” book by Michelle Obama, $33 at Barnes and Noble.

“I do really like mosaics.”

“I do love mosaics.” “Barocco Mosaic” print dress, $1,975 at
Barocco Mosaic” print gown, $one,975 at Versace

“I really like crimson roses.”

“I love red roses.” “Be Mine” floral arrangement with red roses, amaryllis and orchids, $275 at
“Be Mine” floral arrangement with crimson roses, amaryllis and orchids, $275 at Banchet Bouquets

“Wearing Versace is a unique type choice.”

“Wearing Versace is a unique style choice.” “La Medusa” bag, $2,295 at 
“La Medusa” bag, $2,295 at Versace 

“My preferred vehicle is a Lamborghini.”

“My favorite car is a Lamborghini.” 2021 Aventador SVJ Roadster, from $573,966, Lamborghini Manhattan, 711 11th Ave.
2021 Aventador SVJ Roadster, from $573,966, Lamborghini Manhattan, 711 eleventh Ave.

“I really like to be surrounded by items that have personalized which means for me, so the objects and works of artwork that I have all have stories connected to them.” 

“I love to be surrounded by pieces that have personal meaning for me, so the objects and works of art that I have all have stories attached to them.” Versace “La Mer” cup and saucer, $255 at
Versace “La Mer” cup and saucer, $255 at Bergdorf Goodman

“I like the personal ambiance, so I normally burn the new scented candles designed in collaboration with Rosenthal.”

“Le Jardin de Versace” scented candle, $328 at
“Le Jardin de Versace” scented candle, $328 at Amara