Fashion Advice for Tall Guys: How to Dress for Your Height


Maybe it was recently Christmas jumper day at work, and you realised that everyone in the office is much more fashionable than you. Or perhaps you consider yourself a bit of a fashion guru, but it’s time to change your wardrobe. If you’re looking to add new items to your repertoire, many stores offer designer clothing, shoes and accessories like Giglio. If you’re looking for ideas for fashion outfits for tall men, there are plenty of different tips and tricks you can use when you’re next shopping or planning your outfit for Christmas Day. 

Use Contrasts and Layers

As a tall man, you can use layers and contrast to your advantage when dressing access to your height. Layers help to give your outfit much-needed dimension, which firstly breaks up the outfit and gives you more of a stylish look, but it also helps to create a point of interest which does not add to your height. The same can be said for using textures, colours and patterns to create contrasts in your outfits. You can use contrast to break up your upper and lower body profile. 

Own a Long Coat

Long coats, specifically trench coats, look best on really tall guys. Firstly, they’re sophisticated and trendy, but they also help to balance the proportions of your body and create a line between your body, from your shoulders to your hips and then to your knees. Not only that, but a coat is essential for winter, so you might as well make sure that you have a stylish one!

Avoid low-rise pants and pants that are too tight.

Generally, guys should avoid any kind of skinny pants, especially tall ones. Skinny pants, specifically skinny jeans, only emphasise your tallness and make you look taller and leaner, which is different from the look you want. Instead, opt for slim or fitted pants that aren’t too skinny. They’ll make you look stylish without making you look slender or even taller. Speaking of pants to avoid, you should also stay away from low-rise pants. These will only elongate your torso, so instead should stick to mid-rise pants for a proportional look. 

Break in a New Belt

Similar to using contrast in your outfits, a belt can also break up your tall silhouette. A belt creates a sharp line across your body, breaking up the profile and adding a nice touch to your outfit. Belts add sophistication to any outfit, so it’s important to ensure that you have this staple item in your cupboard. 

Don’t Wear Any Vertical Stripes

Stripes might be trendy in fashion, but vertical ones will only make you look much taller than you already are. Instead, opt for horizontal lines, which will break up your silhouette instead of enhancing it. Additionally, you should opt for thicker stripes over thinner ones. 

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