Module 3: Set your home objectives

  • Use a borrowing electricity calculator to perform out how considerably you can borrow, based on your revenue and deposit
  • How significantly are you from your goal – and what do you require to do to get from A-B?
  • Research the industry: what style of home can you find the money for based on your revenue and predicament? Do you require to glimpse in distinctive regions or can you find the money for your no.1 option? If your picked spot seems out of attain, what can you do about it… joint venture with a sibling or buddy? Search for a residence you can hire out rooms and get assist with the property finance loan? Become a hire-vestor?
  • By the conclude of this move you should have a Really obvious strategy of what your funds is, what kinds of homes you might be on the lookout for and in what spot.
  • This move should involve a downloadable home objectives checklist that outlines all of the earlier mentioned