With the start of May, gift giving becomes a serious drain on the wallet. We start off having to spend on Mom, and this is a gift that no one on the planet can escape from. Enter June and the wedding, bridal, and anniversary season. Depending on how social you are, this can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. In the Italian culture it is not uncommon to have a wedding to go to every weekend for the entire summer.

Moreover, gift giving has become quite complex due to the rise in technology. It seems that everyone already HAS everything and finding that perfect gift is next to impossible. When it comes to jewelry however, the spring and summer months seem to symbolize the diamond and endless possibilities of gift ideas. The diamond is no longer a gift for only the love birds; it truly is a gift for everyone. The greatest advantage of giving a diamond is that it is a timeless gift, it will never go out of style and regardless of what you spend on it, it will only appreciate in value.

If you are planning to gift everyone diamonds this year, do not waste time at a commercial jeweler. Find an established diamond store in your area that specializes only in diamonds. This is a good way to find better diamonds and a wider range to select from. With the commercial retailers, all of their jewelry is mass produced, and that is reflected in their pricing. If you are looking for gifts as unique as the people you are giving them to, specialized diamond stores will be able to meet all of your needs.

The three C’s for giving diamonds as gifts are: cut, color, and clarity. Ask your diamond dealer to help you out. Cut is noted as the shape of the diamond and the terms will be princess, emerald, round, and so on. Color is the color of the diamond and they are rated from the letters D-X. The lower the letter in the alphabet, the better the color. So, the X range of diamonds is going to look on the yellow side. D is the whitest clearest color available, and hence, it is the most expensive. Clarity is the quality of the diamond and its state of perfection. They are rated from flawless, to VVS1 and VVS2, VS1and VS2, and S12 SI2 and SI3, and I1 I2 and I3. A flawless diamond is just that, and the closer you get to the I grouping the more imperfections in your diamond. Which diamond you choose will ultimately be determined by your budget.

Your diamond stores are going to be able to help you find the perfect gifts when it comes to your budget. Sometimes it is better to choose quality over size. Try getting a smaller diamond now, and you will have nicer color and clarity. Avoid a bigger diamond that is going to be full of inclusions and tinged with color. Select a diamond based on these factors and you will certainly find the perfect one.