Hand-Crafting Unique Engagement Rings

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When comes the second of the proposal, it is easier to do it with the proper engagement ring.

You may possibly have the ideal proposal concept, but obtaining THE best engagement ring hand-built and personnalized for her will give you confidence to popose her with a Sure as an solution.

You will learn in this article many one of a kind engagement ring patterns hand-crafted in our jewelry worshop so you can uncover how to can start out with an thought and end with a spectacular piece of jewellery that will effects your full daily life.

Let us begin.

 Examples of engagement ring personalized-built in our workshop by means of our personalized jewellery services


  1. Blue topaz engagement ring
  2. Flower engagement ring with diamonds
  3. Original engagement ring
  4. Emerald engagement ring
  5. Grass engagement ring with sapphire
  6. Simple engagement ring with ruby 

1. Blue topaz engagement ring

For his ring style, the fiancée new particularly what he wished and could share with us a drawing of the engagement ring structure he wished to suggest his fiancée.

The issue below is not to draw perfectly the ring, but to connect one’s expectation that give us a apparent comprehension of his requirements.

engagement ring design project before being hand crafted

Drawing of the engagement ring challenge

From this drawing, we could model the engagement ring challenge working with a CAD computer software so we could finsh generating the layout in condition, size and proportion.

creation of an engagement ring design on computer before hand-making it

CAD model of the ring created from the drawing, ahead of rendering

This 3D design is then used for rendering so we and the fiancée concur on the design and this latter be confident the ring of his lifestyle will be manufactured in accordance to his anticipations.

blue topaz engagement ring project for custom making

 Rendering sights supplying a good concept of the completed ring ahead of making it

Certainly, I do.

Our consumer validated this desing so we could continue to the making of the ring with the ideal selection of stones, in this circumstance a large pear-form blue topaz with three small amethyst stones.

coloured gemstone for engagement ring making by hand

The 18k gold shank is designed through traditionnal casting right after 3D printing the ring thanks to the 3D model we built beforehand.

hand-crafted ring after the casting process

The tough gold ring is then filed and polished by hand ahead of location the gemstone on the ring, so we get this marvel.

hand crafted topaze engagement ring close up view of the topaze on the engagement ring

2. Flower engagement ring with diamonds

Flower is a person of the most well-liked theme for tailor made-created engagement rings designs. For the reason that of the image of like it signifies and the flexibility of layout you have, it is also straightforward to established a superior-sized diamond in the heart of the flower.

Flower engagement ring project set with diamonds hand-crafted in our jewelry workshop

For this personnalized ring undertaking, our clients set us his ask for with a patchwork of ring pics exactly where he took his inspiration. From the for ring types he offered to us, we have been equipped to design and style the ring he dreamed of to suggest his fiancée.

We started out to make a CAD file of his unique undertaking so he could see the ring design and style and suggest modification if essential.

unique engagement ring design created for our client

The rendering views of this exclusive ring design give a great appreciation to the customer of what the finalized ring will glimpse like.

rendering views of a unique engagement ring design created in-house

When de style and design validated many thanks to the rendering sights, we can 3D print the ring’s master in resin which is the authentic dimension ring made from our past modelization operate.

Below underneath you can see the master produced with environmentally friendly resin and established with a zirconia.

wax model of a unique engagement ring design created in-house in our jewelry workshop 

For such an essential ring, choosing the right diamond in line with your task and price range is essential. For this ring, the alternative was a ,41 carat diamond with colour quality E, purity VS2 and and Outstanding cut quality as you can see its GIA certification listed here beneath:

diamond's certificate for a unique engagement ring

At times, and when doable, acquiring a glance at the diamond’s image is a fantastic way to be confident your engagement ring’s diamond will be up to the task. With a width of 75 mm on my screen, the magnification of the diamond is X15 which indicates the slight flaws of the diamond will be completely unvisible to the naked eye.

Diamond's picture

 Look at of the E VS2 diamond with X15 magnification

Just after the guide casting process, the ring is hand completed and the diamonds established on it. unique diamon engagement ring

 flower engagement ring with 0,4 ct diamond

unique engagement flower ring with diamonds

See of this exclusive engagement ring at the time on finger

3. Initials Engagement Ring 

When the intention is to personnalized an engagement ring on a finances, hidding initials in the ring design is a superior way to get a personalized ring at an cost-effective price.

initial engagement ring in gold with diamond

This custom made engagement ring was manufactured for a customer with a limited price range from a single of our ring types demonstrated listed here just after.

unique engagement ring on a budget with real diamond

Next the ask for of the fiancé, we experienced to remake the ring style and design to suppress all the small diamonds established on the ring’s shank and we needed to redesign the internal section of the ring to involve the initials C and D with a new arabesque layout with heart shape.

initials engagement ring design

This 3D product is then utilized by our consumer to validate his special engagement ring style and design, so we can start off the output phase. Here after, you can see the differents pieces of the ring, 18k rose gold for the shank and 18k white gold for the interior aspect with the initials.

initial engagement ring partsThe redering sights of the ring provides a gorgeous notion of what the ring will seem like, even just before starting creating it in steel.

renderize views of this unique engagement ring design 

After the fiancé was pleased with his first ring structure, we could get started the producing of the ring. The diverse pieces of the ring are gold solid and then soldered in location.

rose gold and white gold part of the initial engagement ring

Here you have an plan how look the ring following soldering the white gold initials to the rose gold shank, and just before sprucing and diamond placing.

soldering the initials on the engagement ringThe rough gold part of the ring is widespread to all hand-crafted ring that will be polished just after soldering 

diamond setting on a unique engagement ring personnalized with initials


fiancée's initials on a unique engagement ring design hand-made

two tone engagement ring on finger

4. Emerald Engagement ring 

This customized engagement ring style is established with two emerald and a person central diamond. The fiancé new just the structure he preferred and was ready to provide a drawing of the ring venture.

unique engagement ring design with emeralds and diamond

The design and style staying almost carried out, we could nonetheless assit the fiancé to select the six lateral inexperienced stones (peridot stone) and discover the fantastic diamond to be set on his engagement ring.

D color diamond certificate

 The diamond picked in this article is virtually perfect, while currently being tiny, it weighs ,25 carat, the colour grade is D, the purity quality is VS2 and the slice is Great, as you can see on this picture of the actual diamond set on this ring.

0,25 carat diamond with perfect grade

As standard, we start this job generating a 3D model of the ring which enable us to exhibit these rendering sights of the ring for design validation from the fiancé.

unique engagement ring design with emerald stones and diamond 

The ring is then hand-designed in our jewellery workshop casting the shank in 18k white gold, location the stone and sharpening the ring you can see completed right here:

emerald engagement ring with unique design hand-made

5. Grass Engagement rRng with Sapphire 

When being basic, the design of this engagement ring is truely exclusive as the shank of the ring is manufactured of a blade of grass rolled up all around the finger and established with a spherical blue sapphire on best.

unique grass ring design for a proposal, set with a blue sapphire

 unique sapphire ring design for an engagement proposal

Although the rendering does not demonstrate the lines of the blade grass, we will have to engraved those strains on the ring shank once steel casted, as demonstrated on these pictures.

unique engagement ring design hand-made set with blue sapphire

We realized because then that the fiancée was quite joyful has she was proposed at the prime of a hill even though hiking with her fiancé and that she reported Sure.

unique engagement ring design set with sapphire on finger

6. Very simple Engagement Ring established Ruby setting 

This basic ring design and style is built all-around a 2 carats ruby oval stone with two tiny diamonds. This sort of layout is rather basic, the personnalization of this style and design was built to adapt the correct stones required by the customer to the ring.

ruby engagement ring design, cad modelThe 3D design of the ring, at the time all over again, allow for us to make rendering sights of the ruby ring just before earning it.

ruby ring design with diamonds

This ring is a no brainer and you can see it finished on these photographs:

unique engagement ring design with a 2-carats ruby stone setting 2-carats ruby ring on finger with unique design

 2-carats ruby engagement ring on finger

For a lot more data:

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