How Do I Choose a Wetsuit for Diving

Wilton Vinck

A wetsuit is an item of clothing, usually made of neoprene. It’s worn by divers, surfers, canoeists, windsurfers, and others engaged in water sports. It primarily provides a variety of benefits, including protection from abrasion, thermal insulation, and buoyancy. It can also keep you warm even if you’re still wet under the water. 

Besides, it protects you against cold and external hazards, in an environment where your body cools 25 times faster than in the air. When you’re diving, you need adequate protection from cold so that you can prevent hypothermia. It’s a disease that indicates that your body temperature is below 32-degree Celsius. 

Only choosing the best wetsuits for diving is not enough for you if you don’t know how to choose a wetsuit for diving. They come in many different varieties and features that you should consider. Keep reading the entire article to know more about wetsuits and their factors. 

How to Choose a Wetsuit for Diving

You can choose wetsuits from a wide variety of selections. It depends on the style, type, thickness of the material, and weather conditions. Before you select a wetsuit for diving, you need to consider these factors.

  • Material

Wetsuits are usually designed with neoprene. It’s a synthetic rubber that can maintain flexibility over a range of temperatures. Since all neoprene materials are not made equal, you have to choose a wetsuit that has thousands of nitrogen bubbles. This material doesn’t endure for a long time, so many divers wear it without considering the durability of it. 

  • Fit

The appropriate fit means your wetsuit is not too tight or too loose for you. While diving, water may enter into the suit if the suit is loose. On the contrary, when the wetsuit is too tight for you, you might face problems in breathing and movement. If you wear the right wetsuit, it will snug you perfectly and make you feel like a second skin.

  • Thickness

How warm the diver will remain under the water depends on the thickness of the wetsuit. Wetsuits come in a variety of Neoprene thicknesses, such as 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, etc. It’s usually thinner on the shoulders, arms, and legs. But, it’s heavier on the chest and back areas. The thinner the wetsuit, the better the flexibility you will have.  

  • Quality

A wetsuit should last for a long time. You need to check the wetsuit, whether it has inside stitching or not. Side panels can reduce the restriction so that you can feel comfortable while diving. Remember that zippers should be metal. If they are made of plastics, they are likely to break.

  • Style

There are several styles of wetsuits in the market. During the summer, the shorty is suitable for diving. It comes with short arms. Sometimes, it finishes just above the knee. Besides, you can choose the Farmer John or Jane, which is a two-piece suit. It’s suitable for cold water diving.


Regardless of the factors that you should consider, a wetsuit should be comfortable. When you wear a wetsuit for the first time, you might feel weird. After wearing a couple of times, you will feel better and are getting accustomed to it. 

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