You are now a gun owner. Congratulations, welcome to the world of concealment, carry, and personal defense. Now all you need is the perfect holster to hold your firearm while you’re out and about. 

But how do you choose the right holster? What should you look for? Where, even, do you start? This quick guide will help you understand what makes the perfect holster for your personal and unique needs.

Safety First

As with every aspect of your gun ownership, safety must be your first concern when shopping for a holster. Among the most important safety features to look for on your holster is the trigger cover. A good, safe holster should cover the entire trigger and trigger guard. This will help stop accidental discharge while your gun is holstered or being drawn.

Comfort Second

If you are carrying your firearm, you’ll likely have it with you all day. It is vital that you find a holstering option that is comfortable for long stretches of time. While some people find belt holsters to be easy to wear all day, you may prefer an ankle option. You’ll need to try a few out before you know what feels good for you.

Finally, Utility

Ultimately, the reason you carry a gun is that you may have to use it. Nobody wants to have to draw or fire their weapon, but should an emergency case arise, it is important that you can. Test any holster before buying it to make sure that you can quickly, easily, and discreetly draw from it. A holster that doesn’t allow for those things isn’t worth your time.

Holsters and carrying options are very personal. It comes down to what feels right and works well for you as an individual. Go out and test a few options out to find your perfect fit.