How to make Swag-Style Chandelier Earrings

Wilton Vinck

The “TierraCast Hammertone Stitch-in Link” is designed for use as a stitched-in end for seed-bead work, but I think it works equally well as a chandelier-style connector. In this project, I combined swags of cable jewelry chains to make long chandelier earrings. They are simple and yet dramatic. In celebration of the start of Autumn, I made antiqued copper earrings, but don’t feel limited–supplies are available in four different plated finishes: silver, gold, antiqued brass, and antiqued copper. So you might want to make more than one pair.

You will need these supplies:

You will need these tools:

Follow these steps:

First, measure and cut the chain to length. Each earring has three pieces of chain assembled in a staggered swag. The chain segments’ lengths are approximately 2″, 3″, and 4″. Measure the chain against a ruler and use flush cutters to one-by-one cut two pieces of chain at each length.

String both cut 2″ chain pieces on a wire eye pin to check that the lengths are equal. Use flush cutters to cut off extra chain links until the chain segments evenly match. Repeat this step with the 3″ and 4″ pieces of chain.

Pictured is one set of the three-chain, staggered-length segments. Remove the eye pin (in this project, it is a tool and not a component of the earrings.

Twist open a jump ring. String the three chain segments onto the jump ring with chain pieces ordered in length from 4″ to 3″ to 2″.

Attach the jump ring to the lower-left hanging loop on the hammertone link. The longest chain segment should be on the outside of the link. Twist the jump ring closed.

Position the chain segments in a swagged pattern (avoid twisting the chain). Open a second jump ring and string on each chain segment.

Attach the jump ring to the lower right hanging loop with the 4″ chain piece on the outside. Twist the jump ring securely closed. Notice the pattern of the chain drapes evenly with the short 2″ segment in the center, the 3″ segment in the middle, and the 4″ segment on the outside.

Twist open the loop on a niobium earring hook and attach it to the top loop of a TierraCast hammertone link. Twist the ear wire loop closed.

Complete your earring by adding a French wire keeper (this goes behind your ear lobe to prevent earring loss).

Fabricate the second earring by repeating the previous steps.

“Copper Canyon” Earrings created by Rings & Things designer Mollie Valente.


Here is another pair of swag-style chandelier earrings to make. Free instructions are available in the Rings & Things Jewelry Design Gallery!

“Elegant Valentine” Earrings created by Rings & Things designer Megan Holden

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