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Makeup application is a complicated business for many women, especially on that special day. There are protocols to be followed while putting on makeup. These protocols vary from person to person but the common steps universally applicable to anybody should be adhered to if you want a stunning facial makeup. This has to be done correctly for better results. For a flawless finish stick to the following steps.

  • Start your makeup with a clean slate, make sure your face is moisturized before applying any skincare product. First of all, apply a primer that will ensure your makeup will last throughout the day and even the night. You can use a product like Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer for your base needs because it has a lightweight formula that will give your face a soft-focus effect. 
  • After the primer is applied, we now shift focus to eyebrows. You should shape and fill in your eyebrows first to serve as a guide as to where you should apply eye shadow. For absolute beginners, you are advised to use a brow pencil to create hair-like strokes on your brows.
  • Then do eyeshadows before the rest of your face so that you don’t mess up the fine contoured face already. After eyeshadows are done, do the eyeliner before doing the mascara
  • Face foundation is the first thing to be done on your face to lay out the foundation for the rest of the makeup. 
  • Concealer will follow to deal with any imperfections that might be stubborn this far. It has 14 buildable versatile shades that will be sure to make any imperfection non-existent.
  • Contour or bronzing powder will create a fine definition on your face. You can create these contours on areas where you want to apply shadows which include cheeks, jaws and forehead and any other area you would like to apply shadows. Make sure blush sits on your bronzer for perfect results. 
  • Highlighter should be the last step of your makeup. Apply it to where light can easily reach so that it can reflect with a sheen. You have plenty of them to choose from, but you should go with the one that resonates well with your skin colour. 
  • Finally, do your lipstick, choose what will go well with the type of makeup already pulled, but the setting spray to ensure your makeup lasts longer.

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