Jewelry-Making DIY – Soldered and Stamped Mixed-Metal Word Charms

Wilton Vinck

I am not a great steel stamper, and regrettably, practice doesn’t often make best. I am the queen of stamped 4-letter words and phrases, and even people are crooked. But essentially, what I need to have is a system that camouflages my imperfections as rustic charm and offers the opportunity for do-overs. If this sounds as well good to be legitimate, it is not–read on to master how in this phase-by-phase tutorial.

1. Hole Punching

You will have to have these hole-punching equipment and materials:

Use a long-lasting marker to mark the area of your hanging gap. I desire the punched hole to be 1-to-2mm from the edge, but this is partly dependent on the measurement of the steel blank.

EuroTool’s two-gap metal punch would make holes in two dimensions: 1.6mm (1/16″) and 2.3mm (3/32″). I utilized the more compact 1/16″ hole for my venture. The punch is simple to use line the hole punch up with the mark and slowly but surely twist the crank tackle clockwise to punch the hole. Then change the deal with counterclockwise to take out the punch. I have included lower-tack masking tape to my gap punch to guard the blank from getting scratched.

The finished punched hole–the blank is prepared for use in jewellery producing.

If you want to skip the task of punching a hole in the blank, you can select from the a lot of steel blanks that occur pre-punched and all set for use.

2. Soldering

You will have to have these soldering resources and materials:

To avoid contaminating the complete bottle of flux, pour a small sum into a disposable or devoted-to-the-endeavor container.

Dampen the soldering sponge. Plug the soldering iron in and allow for it to heat up. When it is heated, use the moist sponge to thoroughly clean any ash and debris off the suggestion. You will repeat this move in the course of the venture and prior to placing the soldering iron away for the working day. 

Dip the craft brush into the flux container and apply the flux to the brass blank.

Melt a smaller blob of solder onto the soldering iron idea.

Implement the solder to the brass blank in a sweeping motion. I want my stamped charms to be portion solder and portion brass so, I am coating only a portion of the blank with solder. You will detect black ash and particles on the solder, not to stress, mainly because it will clean off. 

This course of action is so quick you can get ready a number of blanks in a shorter quantity of time. If you are not content with the effect, you can implement far more flux to the blank and try out once more. Keep in mind, soldered items are Hot! I want to let them interesting obviously just before finding them up, but you can also use tweezers if you have to have to manage them quicker.

3. Clean and Prep

At the time the soldered blanks have cooled, put them into a disposable or devoted-to-the-process washing container.

Use mild dish cleaning soap to clean the brass blanks and take away the flux and soldering particles. Then use paper towels or a delicate rag to dry them.

You will require these equipment to sand and polish the blanks:

Use an ultrafine 800-1000 grit sanding sponge to clear away any remaining solder debris and clean the blank’s soldered surface area. A rubber block is the ideal perform floor for this task the rubber grips the blank and keeps it from scooting close to though you sand.

Use a polishing pad or cloth to clean and buff the blank’s area. No have to have to make it great bear in mind we are hoping for “rustic charm”!

4. Metallic Stamping

You will have to have these resources to stamp text on the soldered blanks:
  • System your stamped term. Primarily based on my 3mm letter stamps and 19mm round blank, I am stamping short words and phrases of 5 letters or much less.
  • Approach the structure of your word on the blank. You can use a ruler and marker to strategy and mark the place of each and every letter.
  • Get the job done on a stable workbench or desk. I assume standing up when you stamp provides you the ideal command.
  • Stack the metal block on prime of the rubber block, this will deaden the blow which tends to make metal stamping a little little bit quieter and fewer tense on your hammer-swinging arm.
  • Tape down the blank on the steel block.
  • Use a big brass hammer. The brass is a softer metal than steel and will prolong the lifetime of your metal stamps. The significant hammer’s head will make stamping much easier.

These stamped charms turned out very excellent, and are all set fro ending. Maintain in head if you mess up, just go back to the soldering step and remelt the solder–for an just about immediate do-in excess of!

5. Patina End

You will have to have these patina provides:

Novacan Black Patina is my beloved “darken it quickly” patina. I prefer applying the patina with a cotton swab mainly because it enables a lot more command than dipping, as well as there is considerably less squander (just a drop will do).

Dip a cotton swab into the patina and implement it to the stamped letters. Rub the cotton swab back and forth more than the letters to darken deep in the crevices. It is okay if the patina does not search really neat at this stage.

Now use the polishing pad or sharpening fabric to polish the patina off the superior part of the solder so that just the darkened letters stay. Now the stamped words actually “pop”!

6. Convert your Charms into Jewelry

“Blue Moon Earrings” by Rings & Matters designer Mollie Valente.

Just additional a pair of French earring hooks to your creations for prompt jewelry that is ready to have on!

“Maker Bracelet” by Rings & Items designer Mollie Valente.

Just add a stamped phrase allure to personalize a stretchy gemstone bracelet.

Make matters!


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