Karl Mayer’s Filsize sizing machine is a hit in China in the production of printed circuit boards. Big quantities of funds are remaining invested in the electronics sector, especially in China. Most of all the Copper Clad Laminates (CCLs), which are the copper-laminated precursors of printed circuit board production, are provided by Chinese corporations.

Karl Mayer, the perfectly-recognised textile machinery producer, has been functioning successfully on the Chinese woven glass material sector with its sizing and warping machines. At the conclusion of 2016, the electronics provide industry genuinely started off to consider off and the initially huge orders were placed. This was adopted by extra huge orders in the autumn of 2017.

The corporation owes its success on the glass sector to its complex warp preparation approach. This approach employs the principle of single conclusion sizing: the yarns are taken off from bobbins, fed by way of the sizing bathtub, dried, and wound onto beams. These are then assembled to generate warp beams for weaving. Karl Mayer can provide the ideal machine technology for each and every processing stage. In the initial stage, the glass rovings are carefully eradicated from creels with the help of the Accutense computer-controlled, hysteresis yarn tensioner and fed to the Filsize sizing machine. This machine for processing filament yarns also focuses on approach management without any reduction of top quality. It procedures all-around 800 yarns – fewer than complete warp sizing machines. These do not appear into call for the duration of the treatment approach, so that they are sized all more than. The yarns, which are processed separately, simply cannot stick jointly in the drying zone. The separation approach, which normally has to be carried out when sizing complete warps and which frequently damages the glass fibrils, is now superfluous.

The Filsize also scores details with its accurate yarn tension management for the duration of yarn transportation – an critical feature, given that the non-extend glass yarn simply cannot tolerate any fluctuations in tension. If the tension decreases, there is a risk of loose yarns, whilst if it is way too superior, the yarns can be weakened. To rule this out wholly, the yarn tension is monitored and controlled at quite a few sites, these as in the sizing box and at the entry and exit details of the drying extend.

In addition to meeting the highest top quality requirements, the Filesize operates at an exceptionally superior degree of productiveness. This is thanks to its fantastic functioning trustworthiness and unique output. (GK)

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