Kerasal is a Beauty Miracle and Must Have For Every Woman

Wilton Vinck

Kerasal is a foot ointment. It is used to help make your feet softer. You can by it at most drug stores. I got mine at Walgreen’s. This stuff is like a miracle cream. I have been doing all kinds of experiments. Who would have thought??

I love the stuff! I originally purchased it for my elbows. Yes, my elbows. I was getting rough elbows from leaning on them a lot while working Online. Nothing worked. I tried everything, including; Vaseline, moisturizers, olive oil, vitamin e oil, you name it. Nothing would even touch the roughness.

Then, I though, hey, let me try some heel ointment. This is where Kerasal came in. It worked almost instantly. Seriously. I was shocked. After a few applications, my elbows were no longer rough. Yeah!

So, then I actually used it for it’s original purpose…LOL…my heels. Guess what? It worked there too!

Me being me decided not to stop there. I though man, if this stuff is that good and moisture filled, why not try it on some wrinkles. LOL. Yes, I went there. As soon as I put it on, I noticed the line fade a tad. I put it on the one I blame my husband on. LOL. You know the one between the eyebrows. It’s a line that drives me nuts.

It is slowly fading. I mean it is still there. However, the Kerasal has definitely diminished it enough that I feel better about it.

Kerasal is so much more than foot ointment. It is a beauty product that every woman should have. It has so many uses and I am still experimenting with it.

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